Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets For 2015

Club Penguin Item Adder 2015

Hey Penguins,

It’s been a long time since there has been an update on this blog but I think this deserves a post! So there is finally a REAL Working item adder for club penguin that’s safe to use and also available both online and as a download version. I’ve tested it myself and it’s pretty awesome so I wanted to write a post about it for anyone looking for a good club penguin item adder hack tool.

So the item adder is available at and you can visit the download page by clicking on the image below:


Once you get to the website you can either download the item adder (which is what I did since it seems to work better than the online version but if you aren’t allowed to download things to your computer I’m sure the online version will work fine for you too.)

Then you need to visit club penguin and make sure you aren’t logged into your account.  If you are logged in make sure you log out before using the item adder!

Next you need to decide what you want to add to your account for free. Personally I would start with something small as you don’t want to draw too much attention to your account but do whatever you think is best.

After you know what you want to add to your account ( it can be furniture, clothing, accessories, puffles, ect ) you need to either select it from the dropdown list or enter the item code. There is a spot on the website that has all the items codes for all the items in the entire game so if you don’t know the code or how to find it just use their list.

Finally after you do all of this you can login to your account and visit your igloo. You should now have the item added to your club penguin inventory. Pretty awesome huh!

Don’t go crazy with it though.  Make sure you don’t add items that we’re available before your account was created because that’s a quick way to get flagged. Obviously it doesn’t mean you’ll get caught but the chances are a lot higher you will get caught and if the mods look through your account history and see when your account was create and the items you have it would be easy to figure it out.

Well that’s all for this update! Happy 2015 penguins and enjoy the greatest game on the internet!

– Paintboy100



Prehistoric Party Cheats 2014 – Complete Walkthrough Guide

If you haven’t been on club penguin in a couple days you probably haven’t noticed but the new 2013 prehistoric party is here and we’ve got the complete cheats guide for you at

We’ll be adding the entire thing as we play the game and as of now you can check out the video guide below to help you out!

Prehistoric Party Cheats 2014 Video:

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel before or after watching the video as we give away one free membership every month to a subscriber on our youtube channel! Stay tuned for more updates from our team as the party goes on!

Club Penguin Penguin Style Catalog January 2013 Cheats

Whats up everyone,

We’ve put together a video showing you all the cheats for the new club penguin penguin style catalog for January 2013.  You can watch the video below and find out where all the hidden clothing items are in the new catalog.

There are only 4 new cheats so I’ve also added them below.

1) On the first page with penguins click on the tree in the background for the Blue Wig

2) On the page with the pink and blue penguin click on the pink penguins shoe where it’s sparkling for the silver stilletos.

3) On that same page if you click on the blue penguins cuff on his shirt you will get the squiggle shoes

4) Finally on the page with the girl penguin wearing the shirt with a skull, you need to click on the skull and you will get the orange scarf

Well that’s it for the new January 2013 penguin style catalog cheats.

Hopefully this video helps some of you guys and girls out!


Club Penguin EPF Message From Rookie: December 27th

A new Club Penguin EPF Message had been sent from Rookie, earlier. You can check your EPF Messages by clicking on your EPF Spyphone and then clicking on the Telephone icon located at the bottom right side of your spyphone. You can get to know if there’s a new EPF Message sent by any mascot when your spyphone flashes in light blue color. So basically, EPF Messages are reminders of whats going on Club Penguin island whether there is a new party, how to keep a look out on Club Penguin island and much more! EPF Messages can only be sent out by mascots only and not normal penguins. And not only you, but every penguin who is an EPF Agent can read it. Rookie had sent us a new message. Take a look:

The EPF Message reads:

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re all having a blast at the party. I got a new pair of sucks – best gift ever!

Let us know your thoughts on this EPF message from Rookie with a comment.

New Club Penguin Poll – December 26th

Recently, Club Penguin had updated the Penguin Poll at the ‘Fun Stuff’ section. Penguin Polls give you the opportunity to vote your choice by voting one out of the five options given to you. So, the most number of votes for one option wins! This time the Club Penguin Team have questioned us, ‘Which Coins For Change cause are you most passionate about?’. Take a look at the brand new Penguin Poll below:

There are four options for you to vote. They are:

  • Build Safe Places
  • Protect the Earth
  • Provide Medical Help
  • All three!

I voted for ‘All three’ cause I am most passionate about all three of the causes. Let is know your thoughts with a comment.


Club Penguin Holiday Cookies Pin Cheat

The new ‘Holiday Cookies’ pin has made an appearance on club penguin.

The previous Snowflake Pin is no longer available but now, players can obtain the new ‘Holiday Cookies’ Pin.

If you want to find this pin just follow our simple guide:

  • Use your Secret Agent EPF Spyphone to teleport to the Underground Pool,
  • Waddle to the upper left side of the room like you see in the picture below
  • Click on the new Holiday Cookies Pin to add it to your collection

Well now you have the holiday cookies pin. Leave me a comment here and I’ll try to respond to ya!


Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Cheats

The Holiday Party 2012 has finally launched on the island! As usual, there are games, puzzles, free gifts everyday and more. Now, the Club Penguin team has added a lot of new kinds of features you will be able to transform into! The things you can be transformed into is a Road Racer, Reindeer Puffle and Frost Bite (ice penguin). The team has also added three brand new emotes! These emotes are Holiday Party themed and I guess when the Holiday Party get over, these emotes will not be available any more. There are also Party Catalogs with brand new items, too. Anyway, Club Penguin Cheats have provided you with a complete guide on this years Holiday Party 2012! May I present to you with our Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Cheats guide:

How to access the Santa’s Sleigh:

  1. Use your map to go to the Ski Village,
  2. Waddle into the Ski Lodge,
  3. Waddle to the Lodge Attic.

How to access the Bakery:

  1. Use your map to go to the Snow Forts,
  2. Waddle into the Bakery.

How to transform into a Road Racer:

  1. Use your map to go to the Snow Forts,
  2. Waddle into the Bakery,
  3. Click on the jar of cookies under the huge ‘Cookies’ sign,
  4. Click the check box under the Road Racer,
  5. Now select the charity you want to donate 100 coins to,
  6. Then click ‘Transform’.

How to transform into a Reindeer Puffle:

  1. Use your map to go to the Snow Forts,
  2. Waddle into the Bakery,
  3. Click on the jar of cookies under the huge ‘Cookies’ sign,
  4. Click the check box under the Reindeer Puffle,
  5. Now select the charity you want to donate 100 coins to,
  6. Then click ‘Transform’.

How to transform into a Frost Bite:

  1. Use your map to go to the Snow Forts,
  2. Waddle into the Bakery,
  3. Click on the jar of cookies under the huge ‘Cookies’ sign,
  4. Click the check box under the Reindeer Puffle,
  5. Now select the charity you want to donate 100 coins to,
  6. Then click ‘Transform’.

NOTE: Transforming into any of these will only last about 10 minutes and the 100 coins you donated will be donated to Coins For Change.

Party Catalog Cheats:

There are no hidden items in this years Holiday Party 2012. You can visit the Dock, Forest, Clothes Shop and the Bakery for the Party Catalogs.

Non-Member Catalog:

Member Catalog:

NOTE: These party catalogs are only available during the Holiday Party.

How to get the Big Cozy Chair Background:

  1. Use your map to go to the Ski Village,
  2. Waddle into the Ski Lodge,
  3. Sit on the Big Cozy Chair.

Holiday Party Emotes:

For the first time ever in Club Penguin History, they have added brand new emotes! I think these Holiday Party emotes will only be available during the Holiday Party only.

Free Gifts:

Between December 21st and December 25th, Club Penguin is giving away free gifts so make sure you check it out when you log-in!

Awesome! I like this years Holiday Party! The team has done a great job with everything. What are your thoughts on this years Holiday Party? Let us know with a comment.


Club Penguin Free Membership Sponsor

Hey Penguins,

Our website has got a new sponsor for 2013 & we’re proud to announce that it’s !

They’ve decided to help our website give away even more membership codes on both our website and there website! We’re excited for this because they are the only website that our staff trusts as we have gotten working card codes from them since 2010!

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