Tour Guide Ban Issue

Staff | January 30th, 2007

Hello Penguins! Club penguin team got a lot of email from penguins who can’t be tour guides because they have more than one ban. At first, they didn’t want to make any changes, because they don’t want to reward bad penguins by allowing them to be tour guides. But then, one of you gave them the idea of helping [...]

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New stuff 20/1/2007

Staff | January 19th, 2007

Here are the news A) Fiesta party 1 free item in the night club B) New pin in the coffee shop (move your mouse on the pinada in the icon twice and the pin will fall) C) New igloo catalogue - 3 secrets C1) snow globe igloo C2) secret deluxe stone igloo D) New furniture catalogue. In [...]

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Tommorow a big day

Staff | January 18th, 2007

Just to remind you. Tommorow we will post were the pin is, were the free items are, the secrets from the igloo and furniture catalogues. waddle on… Antras

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new catalogue and pin

Staff | January 5th, 2007

in the new catalogue there are two secrets 1. the viking helmet 2. the pink scarf the new pin is in the pizza parlor

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Snow gone!

Staff | January 3rd, 2007

The snow gone!! But the lode attic is cool decorated. There is a machine here named AC3000 In tomorrow we will post the clothing catalogue secrets so dont forget to check our site.

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