The New Club Penguin Dojo and Volcano Almost Complete!

Staff | September 30th, 2009

Hey There Penguins, Check it out the sky on club penguin isn’t orange anymore. Also the Volcano is Still Smoking And The Dojo Is close to being done The new room on the dojo is going to be awesome. Let me know what you think?!?

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You Decide: A Costume for the Stage!

Staff | September 30th, 2009

There’s no doubt – costumes are always a hot topic around here! The Halloween edition of the Penguin Style catalog comes out this Friday and it’s gonna be stuffed full of costumes. Make sure to get to the Gift Shop early so you and your buddies have lots of time to get ready for the [...]

Club Penguin Halloween Rooms!

Staff | September 30th, 2009

Follow me on Twitter, click here now! Help get 100 subscribers. Hey everyone, Paintboy100 here! The Club Penguin Halloween party is coming closer to Club Penguin. Its going to be rocking! Will you be going Trick or treat? Ive got some images of what I think the rooms will look like in this years Halloween [...]

Club Penguin Of The Week Contest

Staff | September 30th, 2009

Alright it’s time for the new club penguin of the week contest.  I decided to do another zoom in picture contest since everyone seems to like those.  So good luck to everyone and here it goes. So do you know what it is?  If you think you do leave a comment with what you think [...]

Some Quick Club Penguin Updates

Staff | September 29th, 2009

Hey guys i’m just going to update you on a few things. First off i’m going to be releasing the new club penguin of the week contest tonight/tomorrow. So be ready to be the first penguin to answer it correctly and you’ll penguin will be featured as the penguin of the week. This weeks penguin [...]

Club Penguin Dojo Finished

Staff | September 28th, 2009

Check out my Club Penguin website. Click here to go to it! Hey everyone, Drigerbest here! Club Penguin have finished the Dojo Construction and now its all done! They have even added the Amulet Shape into the pit. Maybe we will be able to start our Ninja Journey soon!!!?? I think I was first to [...]

The Old Club Penguin – Taking A Look Back

Staff | September 26th, 2009

A lot of people who play club penguin now didn’t play club penguin when it first came out. So i thought it would be cool to take a look back at the old club penguin. So here’s a look back at the original club penguin, the club penguin of old. Here’s the original homepage and [...]

Club Penguin Cheats Guide

Staff | September 26th, 2009

NOTE TO PAINTBOY100: Dude, I need to speak to you. Email me at Are you looking for Quick, fast Club Penguin Cheats? I have the best Club Penguin Cheats Guide you will ever see! Its updated every day with Coin Code Contests, Club Penguin updates, club penguin cheats and much much more!!! Not only [...]

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Club Penguin, Penguins around the world Pictures

Staff | September 25th, 2009

Hey everyone, today the Club Penguin Blog updated the Penguins around the world pictures. Here is how they all look like: This one looks cool, Lol. It made me laugh This one was also cool, Why are they all Pink!? Lol. So girly. I totally love this one! Its placed on one the Tour Buses [...]

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New Club Penguin Pin in Club Penguin Cheat – Padlock Pin!

Staff | September 25th, 2009

Here’s how to find the new Club Penguin Padlock pin: 1. Click on the map in the bottom left. 2. Go to the Town. 3. Go to the Coffee Shop. 4. Go to the Book Room. 5. Click on the Padlock pin.