Club Penguin Fall Fair 2009 Scavenger Hunt

Update: Congratulations to Mikosubaka for being the first to correctly guess the answers to the scavenger hunt.

The Club Penguin Fall Fair is only going to be here for a few more days. Here’s a list of some of the cool stuff at the party. Be sure to see if you can find them around Club Penguin:

fall fair collage

1. 5 penguins, including one with huge muscles
2. 3 saddles in one room
3. A popcorn stand
4. A caramel apple
5. A place to scoop out cotton candy
6. Over 300 balls in one room
7. A wall of cactus
8. A spinning blue puffle
9. A spinning green puffle
10. A room that has only a single color of balloons
11. The Great Puffle Circus

Challenge: The first penguin who can correctly guess where all of these can be found in Club Penguin will win a free Club Penguin code.

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