You Decide: A Costume for the Stage!

Staff | September 30th, 2009

There’s no doubt – costumes are always a hot topic around here! The Halloween edition of the Penguin Style catalog comes out this Friday and it’s gonna be stuffed full of costumes. Make sure to get to the Gift Shop early so you and your buddies have lots of time to get ready for the Halloween party at the end of October.

And speaking of costumes, can you help us out with one? In November we’re presenting a brand new play at the Stage – and one of the characters is a Gnome! It’d be cool if you could help decide what his outfit should look like.

[polldaddy poll=2060915]

What outfit did you vote for? Leave a comment and tell me.

8 Responses to “You Decide: A Costume for the Stage!”

  1. emily says:

    ilike number 3 !!!!!

  2. xpippa123x says:

    I would say gnome number 2 !

  3. stebba says:

    I’m gonna have 2 say number 2 ;P

  4. pinkypaws123 says:

    number three is da best!! :D

  5. Strongs100 says:

    Number 3 is by far the best, Number 1 is also pretty cool!

  6. Fishy says:

    :D :D :D
    You changed the theme and everything!
    Your site is now better than ever!

  7. Coolcat100 says:

    i voted for #1

  8. cooljer says:

    gnome 1 rocks the house

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