Hello, My name is Gwami

Staff | November 30th, 2009

Hey penguins! My username is Gwami. I am extremely happy that I’m on working in this amazing website! Paintboy100 is super nice and his site is has over 16 million views! You’ll almost never find an awesome site like that is as good as this one! Well, here is my Club Penguin playercard: I can’t [...]

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Herbet P. Bear Or Yeti Tracks?

Staff | November 30th, 2009

Hey guys, Hmm, i just found out today that today when i was going around the maze i saw some foot print tracks outside the yeti cave and inside check it out: Outside yeti cave: Now, inside the Yeti cave: Could this be cuz of the maze? could this be the key of the new [...]

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Coins for change

Staff | November 30th, 2009

Yo penguins, Coins for change is comming on the 11th December. If you dont know what coincs for change is will now I will tell you. Coins for Change is when penguins donate virtual coins which get turned into real money. Its a great event too because rockhopper comes Hear is a sneek peak! ~browers~

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Hello everyone, Im Yankymetro

Staff | November 30th, 2009

Hello everyone! My name is Yankymetro. im really exited that im on this awesome site! Paintboy100 is really nice. his site is over 16 million hits! u will never see a good site like that! anyways, here’s my player card: Ican’t wait to post club penguin cheats all around the island. And sorry that this [...]

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Hello Everyone!

Staff | November 30th, 2009

Hi peepz My name is browers and I am a new arthor on this awesome site! I am very lucky to be working on paintboy100s site and with post as much club penguin cheats and help as I can! I am new in the posting world but have come across many super things like working on [...]

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New Club Penguin Secret Agent Sneak Peek!

Staff | November 29th, 2009

Hey penguins! Club penguin has released a new club penguin agent sneak peek! check it out! This might be a the director’s assistent! it does look a lot like “D” as in Dot from the game Elite Penguin Force! We will see in december! Comment and let us know what u think! Waddle on! –yankymetro–

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Great Snow Maze Tutorial – CP Cheats

Staff | November 27th, 2009

This Club penguin guide shows you how to beat the great snow maze on club penguin: All the Credit For this guide Goes To Tech163 from clubpenguin.cc Step 1 : Grab your free CP Pompom Toque from the ski hill Step 2: Go To The Map Station at the ski village Step 3: Click on [...]

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Club Penguin Pin Cheats – Hidden Pin November 2009

Staff | November 20th, 2009

Hey Penguins, CP just released the new hidden pin and we have the club penguin pin cheats and location for november 2009. Club Penguin Video Guide: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UoJ5C55Z9I&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6] Club Penguin Tutorial Guide: The first thing you need to do to find the hot chocolate pin is go to the town Next you need to head into [...]

New Better Igloo Catalog Cheats – Club Penguin Secrets

Staff | November 20th, 2009

Club Penguin just posted the new better igloo catalog and we just got done collecting all the club penguin cheats for the new december 2009 better igloo catalog. Here’s how to find all the secret items in the cp furniture catalog: The New Club Penguin Furniture Catalog was just released and we have all the [...]

Be An Author Of A Team Paintboy Website

Staff | November 18th, 2009

Do You Want to be an author on this site or another team paintboy website? If you do you can apply to be an author and you might get a chance to be a mod/author on a popular club penguin cheats site like paintboy100.wordpress, cpclubpenguin.org, or newclubpenguincheats.com For more information and to apply you can [...]