Coin for Change 2009

tech163 | November 30th, 2009

This year’s third annual Coin for Change will begin on December 11, and will run until December 20.

You will be able to donate coins around the Club penguin island and help decide how $1 million will be used. The money will be split between helping kids who are poor, helping kids who are sick, and helping the environment. There will be a benefit concert at the Lighthouse as well!

Rockhopper’s arrive will kick off the celebrations, which means he’ll be returning soon. There will be rare items which will make it possible to donate coins from your igloo.

coin for change 09


3 Responses to “Coin for Change 2009”

  1. cpfan says:

    omg like i care!

  2. Billybob says:

    Hello penguins! nice site but all ofthis info is already on our club penguin blog so we dont really need this but good job

  3. Ashley F says:

    I love coins for change and I love to help it’s so fun and it feels so good to help. :)))) :) I’ve been saving up my coins with a grand total of 1000000!! That’s only one of my penguins!! So excited I”ve also been donating in real life since in my school there’s the pennies for patients which all started from pennies for peace. I can’t wait….:))))))))

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