Competititon Time! :)

Ponytail 001 | December 3rd, 2009

*UPDATE* Thanks for taking part! Ponytail 001 had a party with all his fans! Thanks for coming, and see you next time!*

Hey Guys,

Time for the contest! All you have to do is keep refreshing this page until the codes appear instead of the stars!

1. tcg22rymltdrflnf (used)

2. tcj2jy6wnwy7rpfb (used)

Good look penguins!

~Ponytail 001,,


3 Responses to “Competititon Time! :)”

  1. bigghj says:

    aww man im gonna be in school

  2. Twix says:

    Aw bad timing xD
    I cant be on tht day ;(

  3. purpeoin says:

    you are awesome!!:) thanks!

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