2010 Better Igloo Catalog Cheats And Secrets

The Club Penguin 2010 better igloo catalog cheats are here today today!! It’s got a ton of new secrets and hidden items and we collected them all for you in one place.  We also collected all of the new igloo upgrade secrets as well!!


For the 2010 nutcracker cheat you need to click on the bird that’s sitting on santa snowmans head.


To get the small christmas tree you need to click on the red bow on the christmas wreath


For the christmas lights cheat all you need to do is click on the shining star from the christmas tree


To get the hidden coat rack just click on the cushion from the blue chair

For the shoe rack just click on the small leaf in the big aquarium!

For the fireplace cheat just click the snow tower on the right

For the next cheat you just need to click the top of the snow fortress, it’ll give you the hidden cp icicles

Now some old cheats – just click the brick i circled on the wall.   You’ll get the old jack-o-lantern

Again, just click on the top right window…

For the funny looking pumpkin click on the top right window, it’s circled.

For another LCD tv if you want one haha click on the tombstone mmm pizza

Now for the coolest cheat or club penguin gift of them all…. the mystery present

That’s right it’s a mystery, all you have to do is buy the present and leave it in your igloo, then on christmas day it will open up and you’ll get what ever is inside.  I bought 10 of them because you can never have too many if it’s something really valuable like a limited edition 2010 christmas puffle or secret rockhopper tracker haha.


Next up are the new igloo upgrade cheats for 2010, check them out below:


Click on the crobar ripping up the wood panel for the first 2010 igloo upgrade cheat


Click on the door of the deluxe snow igloo for another 2010 cheat


There you have it, all the new 2010 club penguin igloo catalog cheats and secrets.  Hopefully you have a great christmas and your penguins do too.


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