2010 Snow Sports Catalog Cheats & New Wagon Pin

Staff | February 25th, 2010

Hey Penguins, Club Penguin just released the new 2010 snow sports catalog and also the new february 2010 pin… The Wagon Pin!!! You can Click on the following catalogs and Pin’s For the Guides on how to get the secret items and find the club penguin pin: Click on the catalog above for the new [...]

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Rockhopper returns to Club penguin!

Staff | February 24th, 2010

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 posting! Have you taken a look through the telescope in the past 2 days? Well, Rockhopper is on his vay back! No Lie! He should be here by, Like, March (Duh,) and might stay until the Saint patricks day party! Here is a picture of the telescope: I hope Rockhopper [...]

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Orange Puffle Cheat On Club Penguin

Staff | February 21st, 2010

Hello Penguin If you guys are keen to get another glimpse of the new orange puffle coming to club penguin soon then follow these steps: get  all of your friends and head up to ski village Get everyone to turn orange including yourself and you will see the orange puffle go past on the ski ift!

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Puffle Party 2010 Ultiimate Guide

Staff | February 19th, 2010

Today Club Penguin realeased the 2010 puffle party! There are a few really cool items that you can get and some other fun things along the way so lets check it out: We will start with the free items: If you are a non member this item is for you. If you go to the [...]

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Tons Of Catalog Cheat Updates & Puffle Party News

Staff | February 18th, 2010

Hey Penguins, I’ve put all the new club penguin catalog cheats and puffle party updates on my other website so you can check them out at penguincheatscp.com Click on the catalogs and pictures below to view all the new cheats and updates. Click on the catalog for the cheats Click on the catalog for the [...]

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New Penguin Of The Week Contest

Staff | February 17th, 2010

We released the new penguin of the week contest today on penguincheatscp.com. Click Here to place your guess for a chance to win penguin of the week. P.S. guesses put in the comments on paintboy100.wordpress.com will not be chosen you need to go to penguincheatscp.com and enter your guess there. (it’s hard to monitor both [...]

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New Club Penguin Login Screens

Staff | February 12th, 2010

Hello Penguins Club Penguin has added 3 new login themes to Club Penguin! They are heaps cool. Take a look: Puffle (Member): Puffle Party: Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest: Pretty cool huh! Which one do you like best

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New Club Penguin Pin & Puffle Catalog

Staff | February 11th, 2010

Hey Penguins, I don’t have time to write up 2 new posts right now but i posted the new club penguin pin cheats and puffle catalog cheats on penguincheatscp.com So You can see the new club penguin cheats over there right now. Click here to check out the new club penguin cheats -Paintboy100

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*SPOILER* Orange puffle coming to Club penguin!

Staff | February 11th, 2010

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! I found a video on the club penguin blog, about puffles. While Watching it, I  found that there was an orange puffle in it! here is a picture I took While paused: Pretty cool! This is kind of like last year, When this same thing happened with the white puffle! You have all [...]

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You decide- item for April 2010!

Staff | February 10th, 2010

Hey everyone, its Alex BL 17! Club penguin released a “You decide!” voting poll on the Whats New Page today. There are 3 options that can be voted for, and they will be in the April 2010 penguin style! they are-   1) a shovel that digs 2) a jackhammer that grows flowers 3) a jackhammer [...]

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