Aunt Arctic Tracker For Club Penguin

The working April 2012 Aunt Arctic Tracker will help you find the famous penguin on Club Penguin right now. This real working penguin tracker is perfect for you if you were wondering how to find her or where Aunt Arctic is on Club Penguin. Use the software below without having to download it to find her location, also be sure to check back as we will be the first website to update her location as she moves around the island:

aunt arctic tracker   Aunt Arctic Tracker For Club Penguin

If you want to add the tracker to your website you can use the code below. Just copy and paste it to any page on your site (use the HTML tab when pasting) or paste it into a text widget.

You can also join in the search by using the chat group below:

About the Famous Mascot

Aunt Arctic is the editor of the Club Penguin Newspaper AKA the CP Times. She also has a weekly advice column in the newspaper where she answers questions given to her by readers which means the players. If you have a chance take a look at the newspaper because sometimes she hides little secrets or hints in her column. Some of the information in the newspaper actually has been used in different secret agent missions and field ops cheats.

There is also a rumor that AA is also the director of the PSA. This is due to many common similarities and coincidences between the Director and her which you can actually read more about that on our history page. I’m also thinking of making a rumors page just to keep all this info on it haha, it seems like there is a new rumor every day doesn’t it? So if you check back often you might be able to take a look at that as well.

auntarctic   Aunt Arctic Tracker For Club Penguin

Aunt Arctic is also one of the most famous mascots in all of Club Penguin due to her newspaper fame and the mystery surrounding her. Something else that is kind of interesting is another common rumor which states that their is actually an Uncle Arctic, which Club Penguin has hinted at such by releasing mysterious pictures showing a figure presumed to be him. We’ve included probably the most famous picture of what people around the web believe to be him.

uncle arctic   Aunt Arctic Tracker For Club Penguin

After some time it was thought to of actually been pictures of the PSA director… which as we stated earlier might actually be her. So stay tuned to the official blog to see any more news that might help us figure out if this is actually the case, as of now it is obviously just a rumor but it does seem that a lot of these rumors end up being true in the end so who knows?

Tips and Secrets

Our Staff has actually been lucky enough to meet aunt arctic a few times on club penguin and it’s always fun trying to track down her current location with the team. We used to try and get a team going through the entire entire and then reporting their findings back to the rest of the crew in our mascot chat. However now we actually have some technology that wasn’t available to us back in the day, and that is our new PHP and MySQL powered tracker system which we run from our server. It constantly scans the entire set of club penguin servers for the unique penguin ID used by AA. Once the penguin ID is located it updates our trackers with the correct room and server that she is currently in.

If the server is taking a long time to update and the tracker doesn’t change for more than 15 minutes here are some good tips for finding what server aunt arctic is in on club penguin. One of the best tips is to make sure you check backstage if the penguin awards party is going on! She is known to spend a lot of time hanging out there!

Morning PST – During the morning club penguin tends to have aunt arctic visit popular old servers and Highly populated Australian servers. We recommended trying Mammoth and Belly Slide.

Afternoon PST – During the afternoon the best chance you have to find her is by visiting the most popular servers. We recommend Alaska, Alpine, and Zipline

Night PST – The best servers to search at night time tend to be either Yukon, Adventure, and Sleet.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to see if she is online right now.  Also check out theMascot Forum for more help in tracking her down and talking about her with more club penguin fans, the Moderators, and Authors of Team Paintboy!

Thanks for checking out the actual April 2012 Aunt Arctic tracker on Penguin Cheats CP. From the sounds of it she is going to be here soon for the earth day party! Also if you have a twitter account follow me on there or come join our chat group because we are constantly tracking during the parties!