Beta Test New Games Online For Free

How would you like to beta test new games online just like people did when Club Penguin first came out? Well here is your chance to do just that. There are always new games hitting the internet and the developers of those games need people to try them and talk about them. Then they can fix flaws and problems that the games might have!

Wouldn’t that be sick if you could test these games and be some of the first users to play them!? You bet it would. A lot of these games that come out are very similar to Club Penguin. They are massively multiplayer online role playing games where you can hand out, complete quests and meet other online gamers just like you!

Below we have a list of the games you can test out. Some of them require you to download and install them but some are completely browser based as well. Read a little bit about the games and try out the ones that you want! After playing the game or games, write a little review on them if you would like and post it on this page. Make sure to include the name of the game and how your experience went with it!

Make sure to play these games soon though! These are all in the beta testing stage and they may only be free for a little longer! This might be your only chance to ever play these games for free before they start charging users. And who knows, for testing these games, when they do start charging, you may even get a free account! Enjoy and be sure to post about your gaming experience.


Current Beta Test Games Available


Rappelz РRappelz is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with amazing graphics and a very in depth pet system. You will love raising and evolving your pets and allowing them to fight by your side against evil enemies. Players can take part in extensive quest play and even raid dungeons or just hang out with their friends in the massive towns around the game world. Become a simple warrior battleing your way through enemies with brute force or fight from a far with magic and unique spells. This game truly has so much to offer its users and should do very well on the gaming market. Click on the image to play this game. Once you are on the page,  read a little bit more about and and then click the link to play it!



Fiesta РFiesta is a massively mutliplayer online role playing game with cute cel-shaded anime styled graphics. You will love the look and feel of this game from the first time you start playing it. Fiesta features in depth character customization allowing users to make their characters look however they want. Decide to go on quests or just hang with friends and explore the amazing graphical world within Fiesta. Developers of the game believe parties and dancing are just as important as epic monster battles and questing within Fiesta. Check it out today before it is to late! Click on the image to play Fiesta. Once on this page scroll down and it should be the third game there!



Conquer Online РConquer Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with a pirate theme to it. With its impressive skill animations and its unique auto walk feature, this game brings more to online gamers then ever. It focuses largely on player vs player gameplay but offers a vast world of animations where players can hang out and chat with one another. The developers of the game have been continually trying to make this game perfect and get it to the top of all MMORPG games but they need all the users help to do so! Play this game and let us know how it goes for you! Click on the image to play Conquer Online. Once you have reached this page, read a little bit about it and click the link to play the game.

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