Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets For 2013

New Club Penguin Log-in and Log-out Screens – Holiday Party 2012

A new Club Penguin log-in and log-out screen had been released not too long ago. New Club Penguin log-in and log-out screens will be designed by the Club Penguin Team when a new party is going to release on Club Penguin island. Log-in and log-out screens release approximately before 1-3 weeks of the release date for the upcoming party. Till now, Club Penguin had only release one log-in screen and one log-out screen.

Here is how the log-in screen looks like:

   New Club Penguin Log in and Log out Screens   Holiday Party 2012

Here is how the log-out screen looks like:

   New Club Penguin Log in and Log out Screens   Holiday Party 2012

It sure do looks pretty cool! It says above that Members will be able to freeze their friends. That sounds epic! I can’t wait for the Holiday Party to start. What about you? Let me know with a comment.


Club Penguin EPF Message From The Director: December 6th

A new Club Penguin EPF Message had been sent from The Director, earlier. You can check your EPF Messages by clicking on your EPF Spyphone and then clicking on the Telephone icon located at the bottom right side of your spyphone. You can get to know if there’s a new EPF Message sent by any mascot when your spyphone flashes in light blue color. So basically, EPF Messages are reminders of whats going on Club Penguin island whether there is a new party, how to keep a look out on Club Penguin island and much more! EPF Messages can only be sent out by mascots only and not normal penguins. And not only you, but every penguin who is an EPF Agent can read it. The Director had sent us a new message. Take a look:

The EPF Message reads:

Well done agents. The Blackout has ended. Though Herbert has eluded capture, his base is destroyed, and the Solar Laser with it. We must now rebuild.

So now, Operation Blackout has finally ended plus Herbert’s base is destroyed along with the Solar Laser he built. Isn’t this great? But Herbert will be back with more weapons, don’t you think so? Let me know your thoughts with a comment.


Club Penguin Tour Guide Bug/Glitch

Hello Penguin Pals!

This afternoon I was extremely happy because my cousin that is currently seven years old has taken a very big interest into Club Penguin because almost his whole school plays it! When he told me that he wanted to learn about Club Penguin I was very excited for him and for me because I could now finally talk to him and play games through the Internet! I gave him a tour around the famous snowy island and I believed that he was ready to become a Tour Guide! So he was excited I was excited it was great and we couldn’t wait any longer so we waddled to the Tour Guide stand to take the quiz.

Maybe Club Penguin made him a Tour Guide on accident… Awesome! We wanted to make sure that he was a Tour Guide so we attempted giving a new penguin a tour around the island.

Everything was going great until this message appeared on my screen which made my cousin and myself extremely confused:

This is absolutely crazy! How is it even possible for him to wear the Tour Guide hat if he hasn’t even completed the quiz and if he doesn’t have the hat in his inventory! I can honestly say that this is one of the weirdest glitches I have ever seen around the snowy island! I really hope Club Penguin fixes this glitch so new penguins can become a Tour Guide.


2012 Coins For Change Sneak Peek

Hey Everyone,

It looks like a sneak peek at the new coins for change party came out today for some users in Portugal!  You can see in the image below the look of the snow forts for the event! It looks like it might be one of the best yet!

Also from a translation it sounds like the three causes you can donate your coins to are for building homes for the poor, enviromental awareness (go green), and helping provide medicine and health care to those that can’t afford it!

Also if you we’re wondering the word Padaria means bakery in spanish!

Second update for the new holiday party on club penguin is the release of the new login page which you can see below!

Now this is a good looking page for the holiday party huh?  Well be sure to login and take a look around starting December 20, 2012!  Also be sure to check back here or follow me on twitter for all the updates and cheats! You can follow me at

Thanks for reading!


First Aid Pin Cheat Guide & New Free Item Code For Club Penguin

Whats up everyone!

The new pin in out on club penguin so it’s time to grab the first December 2012 pin for your collection. It’s pretty awesome and it’s called the First Aid pin. So now that you know about it’s time to learn how to find it online!

So here we go:

1: First off you need to open up your map and go to the Mine.

2: Now you will see the First Aid pin just like in the picture. So just go over and pick it up!

This is a pretty good one for the start of the new month I think. Do you guys and girls think so? If not what do you think would make an awesome pin?

Free Item Code Released for December 2012

Also if you didn’t know there is a new free item code on club penguin which you can use to get a sweet new item for the christmas season! Take a look at the new Tree Topper!

This is definitely a hat that will get your penguin noticed during the Christmas season! I’m even going to talk paintboy into changing up his style and wearing it at least one day this month!

How does it look on a penguin? I think it’s pretty awesome personally.

Do you guys like the new hat? If so let me know in the comments below? If your comment is our favorite we will feature it on our comments of the week page on our website!

Stay tuned for more news from the Team Paintboy team and

Operation Blackout & Temperature Updates

Got a couple updates for everyone out there for the end of November.

Update 1: Temperatures Rising on CP

If you didn’t hear yet it seems that the temperatures are rising through out club penguin.  Over the next few days you should see the sun start coming out in full force which should help all you penguins out who have been freezing from the blackout!

Take a look at how happy it’s making my buddy’s penguin! I think he likes the new weather trend haha!

Be sure to stay tuned at for all the updates as the weather goes back to normal and the next party event starts up sometime over next week!

Update 2: Operation Blackout Breaks Most Ever Online Record

The second update is pretty cool as the last chapter of operation blackout has caused club penguin to break it’s own record of the most users even online at once! That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for a website that has been around for over 7 years and has millions of players already!

During the last chapter of the operation blackout event nearly 2 million people went online in under 1 day! I guess Disney knows what there doing when it comes to online games huh?

Do you have any tips for what they could do next time to make it even better and possibly break 2 million users online at once! Let us know in the comments below what your ideas would be for the next club penguin event!

Operation Blackout Chapter 6 Cheats For Club Penguin

Chapter 6 of the club penguin operation blackout is now out for EPF agents.  Here’s a quick guide showing you how to beat it:

After you take a look at the message you need to click on Equip and get your anti-lava boots.

Once you’ve done that you need to click Go There.

After you get to the room pictured above you need to go through the large door behind CoolDude229

Next up you need to walk over to the super computer and complete the puzzle it gives you

After you have finished all of this you should get the new pin which will give you the upgrade to your security clearance.

Finally just click the simple OK button and you should be able to watch the video for the end of operation blackout! It’s a pretty cool video, props to club penguin for their work.

After finishing the mission you get another igloo item to add to your collection.

So what do you guys and girls think? Was operation blackout pretty fun?  Should club penguin do it again?

2012 Club Penguin Halloween Party Cheats Guide

Hey everyone,

The new club penguin halloween party for 2012 is almost here so we’re setting up this cheats guide page to help you out when the festivities start up! We will have the complete list of cheats, hidden items, new decorations, famous penguin trackers, freebie guides, and video tutorials to show you just about everything you would want to know!

So stay tuned and follow this halloween party cheats guide for 2012 and be sure that you get the most out of the party as possible!

Also we are looking for a couple full time authors to run this website if anyone is interested leave me a comment on this post and we will be in contact with you!



October 2012 Club Penguin Field Ops 101 – EPF Mission

Hey penguins,

The new club penguin field ops mission for october 2012 is out now and it’s lucky number 101.  You can follow the guide below to beat the new mission!

Step 1: You need to click on your spy phone to access the mission

Step 2: Click go there to head to the HQ

Step 3: Click on the accept the field ops mission from the board

Step 4: Go to the club penguin Stadium

Step 5: Once you get to the stadium you need to go over by the fish dogs stand

Step 6: Click on your spy gadget then click engage to start your game

Step 7: Now that your in the game you just need to beat the simple level

Step 8: After you’ve beat the mission you will get the regular message and be able to get your secret agent gear for your penguin

PS if you are a cp member dont forget to click the elite gear button for the extra bonus.

That’s all for this EPF mission cheats guide, be sure to check back often for the rest of the October 2012 tutorials.

Club Penguin Pin For October 2012 – Ice Cream Scoops

The newest pin for october 2012 on club penguin was just released and it’s three scoops of ice cream! You can find the pin by following the cheats guide below!

Step 1: Click on your club penguin map

Step 2: Go to the Ski Lodge

Step 3: Get the pin

Haha pretty simple three step guide. Just be sure to get the new ice cream pin before it’s gone for good in october 2012!

Also stay tuned for more information about the upcoming 2012 club penguin Halloween party! It looks like its gonna be a good one!