Christmas Sneak Peek + Something Awesome!

Hey! This is like a day late but Club Penguin released a Club Penguin Sneak Peek! It’s really decorated! Hopefully this turns out to be the BEST Club Penguin Christmas party ever! Anyhow here it is!

   Christmas Sneak Peek + Something Awesome!

(Credits To Chrisdog93 For The Picture)

That is the Coffee Shop I’m 100% sure. That’s all for the Christmas Peek! Anyway’s something prettty exciting! I got the book “The Ultimate OFFICAL Guide to Club Penguin”! I will be giving away codes. This will be good because hopefully this gets us closer to our goal 14,000,000 and it will be great for you guys! I will sooner or later make a page of codes I found! -Scareynewt42

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