How To Get The Rainbow Puffle

Hey Penguins,

A lot of you are wondering how to get the rainbow puffle on club penguin and i have something i need to say. The rainbow puffle isn’t real. Most of the pictures you see online of the rainbow puffle are fake pictures that we’re either made in photoshop or paint.

Here are some samples

Hmm let’s see another one

I know you’ve probably seen club penguin how to get the rainbow puffle guides online but again they are also fake. Some of the common fake guides are the following.

Fake 1 – First buy a orange club penguin puffle and then go to the pet shop and grab the rainbow pin. After you have the pin go back to your igloo and you will be able to give the pin to the orange puffle and then he will become a rainbow puffle.

Fake 2 – Buy any puffle and then make him or her take a bath 10 times in a row. After they take the tenth bath they will dry up and look like they are about to crack. The penguin will then shake off the dust and all of the sudden they will reveal the rainbow puffle fur underneath.

Fake 3 – First you need to be a secret agent. Then when you go to the PSA headquarters you will need to talk to gary and randomly he may ask you about the mysterious rainbow puffle. When he asks you if you have ever seen one you need to say no. He will then say “Boy do i have a surprise for you!” he will lead you into a secret back room in the PSA headquarters and show you the rainbow puffle.

After he shows you the puffle you need to give the puffle some type of food. The puffle will then come to you and Gary will say “Wow he seems to of taken a liking to you Agent. Would you be interested in maybe adopting him.” Then you need to say “Yes” and you will be sworn to secrecy about the rainbow puffle and allowed to take him home.

Something cool about him though is whenever you have another penguin in your igloo the puffle will hide his color by wearing a fake “fur” that matches the color of another pet you own. So if you see someone with two puffles of the same color then there is a good chance they actually own a rainbow puffle.

Anyways i could keep going on with more and more of these fake rainbow puffle theories but they are all fake and there is currently no way to get a rainbow puffle in club penguin.

I know it kinda stinks but don’t fall for the lies out there.


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