Club Penguin Catalog Cheats And Secrets

Club Penguin releases new catalogs every month with items that penguins are able to purchase. However the cool thing about these club penguin catalogs is that every CP catalog has hidden items inside of them,so we collect all the club penguin catalog cheats and catalog secrets then give them to you here! Your number one resource for 2012 club penguin catalog cheats!

Most of the catalog cheats are hidden in the actual item pictures and you are able to get the secret items by clicking on the correct location and spots on the pictures. Check them out and let us know what you think!


Current Club Penguin catalog cheats for 2012:


Penguin Style & Clothing Catalog Cheats - The Penguin Style catalog is the main club penguin clothing catalog and it is usually full of hidden item cheats and catalog cheats.


Better Igloo & Furniture Catalog Cheats – The better igloo catalog is full of furniture and decorations for your penguins igloo.


Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats - The snow sports catalog in club penguin is located in the sport shop and contains a random assortment of items for purchase.


Igloo Upgrade Catalog Cheats - The Igloo Upgrades catalog lets penguins purchase new igloos and upgrades for their penguins current igloos.


Ninja Catalog Cheats - Find the Martial Artworks or Ninja Catalog here with new ninja gear!


Costume Trunk Catalog Cheats – The costume trunk catalog is found in the stage and inside it you will find a collection of clothes and costumes you can purchase. These clothes are usually from the current play going on in club penguin.


Fish Catalog Cheats – The Fish catalog is the penguin secret agents handbook and has a special hidden item inside.


Puffle Catalog Cheats – The Puffle Furniture catalog is the new catalog devoted entirely to your pet puffles.


Treasure Book Catalog Cheats – The treasure book is a catalog that you can use to redeem prizes and items when you purchase a club penguin toy in real life.


Stage Catalog Cheats –  Check out all of the stage catalog cheats here and stay up to date on Club Penguin!


All of these club penguin catalog cheats are updated on a weekly basis with the newest club penguin catalog cheats so be sure to check back every couple days for the newest club penguin catalog and magazine cheats and secrets!

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