Club Penguin Cheats Chat

Hey Penguins,

This is the official Club Penguin Cheats Chat Page for all of the Team Paintboy websites! Feel free to join in on the conversation and chat with other Club Penguin Cheats users! Also we use this popular chat for all of our Rockhopper tracking and other famous Club Penguin tracking groups!

You can also visit the official chat page by Clicking Here

There are only a few rules for the Club Penguin Cheats Chat and as long as you follow them you can be a member of the official group!


The official Rules for the Club Penguin Cheats Chat Group

1. No advertising any chats or sites. ( Videos and Pictures are allowed.)

2. No inappropriate pictures/videos or any talk. Lets keep this a chat for all ages.

3. No swearing or cussing. This will be a ban.

4. No flame or being rude to others, especially staff.

5. No asking to be member/moderator/owner.

6. No asking/trading any Xats or giving away penguins or passwords.

7. NO USING CAPS LOCK. It may bother users.

8. No personal information given out. (ex. address, city, etc.) ( country, age is fine.)

9. Do not ask Superpacman1 or Shirtisred or any other staff to PC you, they may be busy.

10. Please only discuss Club Penguin and Rockhopper tracking. No fake locations please.

11. No spamming or flooding the chatbox.

Thanks in advance,


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