Club Penguin EPF Message From Rookie: December 27th

A new Club Penguin EPF Message had been sent from Rookie, earlier. You can check your EPF Messages by clicking on your EPF Spyphone and then clicking on the Telephone icon located at the bottom right side of your spyphone. You can get to know if there’s a new EPF Message sent by any mascot when your spyphone flashes in light blue color. So basically, EPF Messages are reminders of whats going on Club Penguin island whether there is a new party, how to keep a look out on Club Penguin island and much more! EPF Messages can only be sent out by mascots only and not normal penguins. And not only you, but every penguin who is an EPF Agent can read it. Rookie had sent us a new message. Take a look:

kkkj   Club Penguin EPF Message From Rookie: December 27th

The EPF Message reads:

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re all having a blast at the party. I got a new pair of sucks – best gift ever!

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