Club Penguin February 2012 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin has updated there Penguin Style Catalog. This new Catalog is all about Fashion and Style. Here are some of the New cheats in this months catalog and there are also a few hidden items.

White Feather Boa

1. Go and open the catalog to the 5th page

2. Click the Penguin teeth on the left side

Brown shoes

1. Flip to the 7th page

2. Click on the girls penguin’s beak in the smaller picture

Silver Star Necklace

1. Flip to the 10th page

2. Click on the tree top (On the right)

This Catalog was pretty cool, don’t you think? Those were the new cheats in this New Club Penguin Style Catalog . If you liked the new catalog, let us know in a comment!


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