Club Penguin Game Cheats

So there are a ton of mini games within Club Penguin that everyone can play and everyone wants to master, am I right?! Here is a list of all those games: Aqua Grabber, Astro Barrier, Bits and Bolts, Bean Counters, Card-Jitsu Games, Cart Surfer, Catchin’ Waves, Dance Contest , DJ3K, Find Four, Hydro Hopper, Ice Fishing, Jetpack Adventure, Mancala, Paint by letters, Pizzatron3000, Puffle Games, Sled Racing, System Defender, Thin Ice, Treasure Hunt.

bits and bolts 300x188   Club Penguin Game Cheats


Over the next two weeks the Team Paintboy Staff will be updating this page with cheats and secrets guides for Every single game on club penguin! You heard me right, we will make sure we have a good cheats guide for every game you could ever want to play on CP!

Phew, that should be all of them. If you are looking for cheats and hints of how to beat and master these games then you have come to the right place. We have complete guides on how to beat each and every single one of these games and let me tell you, some of them are pretty tough! We will make that easier for you and you will soon be the one telling all of your friends that you have beaten every single game within Club Penguin. Below you will find links to each and every game guide! Enjoy and do not forget to have fun.

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