Club Penguin Gold

Club Penguin Gold is a supposed club penguin coin generator also known as a money maker. However Club penguin gold is actually a scam that asks you to put your club penguin username and password into the “money maker” form.

club penguin gold

This club penguin gold money maker form allows the user of the website to use your username and password in what ever way they want. They can steal your account or ban it permanently. So remember to avoid club penguin gold at all times. Some people say it works but it is believed to be the owner of the site that leaves these comments as most people who use it end up finding out their account has either been banned or stolen.

Even if club penguin gold wasn’t a scam you could still get banned for using it because club penguin has been creating more security features to catch hackers and it’s only a matter of time before all the club penguin hackers are banned.

Hopefully this post will help penguins who we’re thinking about using it and stop them from doing it before their account information is stolen or their penguin is banned.

I just wish club penguin would release a cool gold pyramid or secret island like in the picture above haha that would be awesome.


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