Club Penguin Hacks For 2012

If you are looking for some 2012 club penguin hacks and different trainer software programs that can help you with it, well you have come to the right place. Our list of different trainers, how to guides, and more will help you along the way. Our staff has been playing club penguin for years and know of a ton of secrets and ways to hack to the game. We do not recommend that anyone does this however but if you decide that you are going to be doing it anyways, we want to help you do it the right way. Over the past few years a lot of different programmers have found ways to alter and change club penguin and below we’ve included some of the things that these programs allow you to do with the game.

club penguin hack   Club Penguin Hacks For 2012

CP Hack Features:

  • Turn on turbo speed for your penguin
  • Increase your size To extra large or decrease it to extra small
  • Generate unlimited coins and money
  • Get the rare items that are no longer available
  • Unlock every igloo in the game
  • Get all the levels for all the games
  • Password hacks to use other people accounts (not recommended)
  • Change your color or name to whatever you want, I once named myself Justin Beiber as a joke.
  • Turn your penguin into a mascot like sensei or rockhopper
  • Go to anyone’s igloo, include the mascot and moderator penguins
Over time there has been a ton of different programs but these are some of the programs that still work.

Here are some current hacking programs that work in 2012. If you need some help with any of these just let us know on the forum or in our chat group and we should be able to help you out.  Also if you know of another software or trainer that works really well leave us a comment on this page and we will review it.  If it is a good club penguin hack we will add it to this list as soon as possible.

Some of the Most Popular Trainers for Club Penguin Hacks:

Multi Account Login - Using this you can clone yourself, and people can see it. Log onto more than one account using this. This is one of our favorite because it is hilarious to see peoples reactions when you clone yourself and they can’t figure out if their crazy or what is actually going on.

Wpe Pro – This hacking program is used for alot of things. In this case, we would use it for Club Penguin. It is probably the most commonly used program and also the most updated software for cheating on the game.

Club Penguin Money Maker – This program does one thing and one thing only. It gets your penguin tons of money and coins. It’s pretty self explanatory, you put in how many coins you want and it will get them for you. Don’t overdue it though because the game has filters which can catch you if all the sudden you add 8493920 coins to your account. So just be sure to use it in moderation.

Club Penguin Beta Trainer 3 – This program is a main program that allows you to do really cool things on Club Penguin. When using this program, you can change your name, change your penguins size, and more. It used to be the number one software and cheats trainer in the world but we think Wpe Pro is probably the best now.

Microchip123 Money Maker – To use Microchip, log onto a ultimate safe chat server. Select your coins, and than hit start. Wait a few seconds and it should begin making you money. Do not touch the keyboard, as it my interfere with the program.  Microchip is the original creator of the popular software penguin storm which is easily the most famous hack of all time.

Penguin Storm 2012 – The easiest way to do tons of different cheats on club penguin. We recommend this software for beginners. It’s a lot simpler to use than Wpe Pro and still has a lot of the same functionality and features. However this one has the highest likelyhood of getting you caught so be sure to test it first on an account you do not really care about.

Hopefully this beginners guide to hacking club penguin helps you out if you didn’t know how to get started. A lot of the information here changes often and Disney updates the game so be sure to check back often and especially before you try anything because we will update you of anything you should look out for to make it as fun and safe as possible.

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