Club Penguin History

This club penguin history guide will show you all about how club penguin was started and a little about the history of CP.

Club Penguin originally started off as a game called Penguin Chat that was developed by RocketSnail. There we’re only three rooms in the original penguin chat and those 3 rooms we’re the coffee shop, the dance club, and the boiler room.

The Original Dance Club:

Dance Club

Also important to the club penguin history is the fact that there was also a room for the penguin store but it was only used to sell Penguin Chat Merchandise.

Over time penguin chat started adding more rooms like the snow forts and a construction site. During this stage penguin chat started using beta testers to test out all of the new rooms and areas on club penguin.

old penguin chat

Then finally on October 25, 2005 Club Penguin as we know it was officially launched and all of penguin chat was just history.

Now here’s a look back at the old club penguin for all the people who play CP now but never played it when it first came out. Think of it as a jump back into the history of club penguin.

First off here is the original homepage used for the first launch of club penguin. (4-5 Years Ago)

After about a year using that login screen club penguin decided to upgrade the login and homepage to this:

Now here’s some really cool stuff from club penguins history.

This is an actually old club penguin igloo and it still has the original music and club penguin band playing in it!
Click Here For The Old CP Igloo

Next up is an original header from the club penguin site.
Click Here For An Original CP Header

Next is another old header from club penguin that is actually still on the site if you know where to look 😉 P.S. When you roll the mouse over the doors penguins will walk out and then chat with each other. Try it out!

Click Here For Another Original CP Header

Next up in the CP history is the old header used by miniclip for club penguin and it’s actually better than the new ones i think haha

Click Here For the Old Miniclip Header

Here’s an old club penguin ad they used to use on Miniclip too.

Click Here For An Old Club Penguin Ad

The original Club Penguin Play Button:


Original Club Penguin Parties

Check out the club penguin town during two of the first parties club penguin ever put on! They were both put on during club penguins 1st year! The two original parties were a halloween party and a christmas party! Take a look!!

Halloween Party
Christmas Party

Next is a list with all the original versions of the games on club penguin. Funny thing is some of these games weren’t even made for club penguin in the first place but club penguin changed them so they would work with club penguin!

Ballistic Bisquit/Hydro Hopper


Snail Mancala

Well that’s all for the history of club penguin so far. We’ll add more to this article as time goes by, but hopefully this was kind of a cool look back at the old club penguin and the history of club penguin!

Before Club Penguin was made, their was a game called Penguin Chat made by Rsnail. Penguin Chat is dangerously similar to Club Penguin, but was made before it. (Penguin Chat 2000 – 2005)


Then in 2005, Rsnail and others teamed together and created Club Penguin. Here’s a list of events from the start of Club Penguin.


Beta Test Party (2005) – The first Club Penguin party was launched for 2 hours in October of 2005. Beta hats were given out for penguins who beta tested Club Penguin.


Halloween Party (2005) – The first Halloween Party took place.


Server Testing (2005) – Club Penguin’s first server testing. The pink and black toques were given out during this server testing.


Christmas Party (2005) – Club Penguin’s first Christmas party.


Winter Luau Party (2005) – Club Penguin’s first 2006 party. Red lea’s were given out to every penguin.


Valentines Day Party (2006) – Happy Valentine’s Day to all penguins on Club Penguin.


Pizza Parlor Opening Party (2006) – Grand opening of the Pizza Parlor in Club Penguin.


April Fools Day Party (2006) – Lots of weird things happened at this party. Things were changed, and moved around Club Penguin.


Easter Egg Hunt (2006) – Penguins has fun searching for Easter eggs on Club Penguin. Pink bunny ears were given out to penguins who completed the egg hunt.


Cave Opening Party (2006) – The Cave on Club Penguin was opened to all penguins on May 21st.


Summer Party (2006) – Club Penguin’s first summer party took place. Free yellow duckies were given out to penguins on Club Penguin.


Western Party (2006) – The Western Party took place on Club Penguin.


Band Instrument Hunt (2006) – Penguins helped the Club Penguin band find their instruments. Here are the locations of the instruments.

The guitar was on the Ski Lift.

The Cello was in the Ski Lodge under the sofa.

The Big Drum was on a table at the Pizza Parlor.

Cymbal 1 was at the Dock between the inner tubes.

Cymbal 2 was behind the pole on the Mountain.

The Piano was at the Pet Shop by the puffle houses.

The Banjo was at the pool room.


Sports Party (2006) – Club Penguin had a sports party for all you sports fans.

Lightbulb Scavenger Hunt (2006) – The lightbulb for the Light House went missing, and Club Penguin needed you to find the bulbs.


Here’s where the bulbs were located:

The first lightbulb was between the Pet Shop and Pizza Parlor.

The second lightbulb was in the horse at the Lodge Attic.

The third lightbulb was by the speaker in the Night Club.

The fourth lightbulb was by the cart in the Mine.

The fifth lightbulb was at the Mine.

Lighthouse Grand Opening Party (2006) – The Lighthouse had its grand opening, and free hats were given out. You could get the Lighthouse shirt by making a donation of 750 coins.


One Year Anniversary Party (2006) – Club Penguin turned one.


Halloween Party (2006) – Club Penguin celebrates Halloween.


Lime Green Color Party (2006) – Club Penguin celebrates the release of a new color.


Christmas Party (2006) – A huge snow storm rains down tons of snow, leaving Club Penguin in a blanket of snow. Free Santa hats and beards were given away.


Winter Fiesta Party (2007) – The first winter fiesta party in Club Penguin.


Festival of Snow (2007) – Club Penguin had ice sculptures all around Club Penguin. Free ice crowns and snow shirts were given out.


Saint Patrick’s Day Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a party for St. Patrick’s Day. Free hats are given to all penguins.


April Fools Day Party (2007) – Club Penguin played tricks, and put boxes all over the island.


Easter Egg Hunt (2007) – Club Penguin celebrates Easter, and had an egg hunt.


Pirate Party (2007) – Rockhopper comes and parties with penguins on Club Penguin.


Summer Kickoff Party (2007) – Club Penguin had a summer kickoff party. Free life preservers were given out and the Cove opened for members.


Summer Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a summer party. Ice cream aprons and green sunglasses are given away free.


Water Party (2007) – The mine on Club Penguin floods, so Club Penguin decides to throw a water party to drain out the water in the mine.


Camping Party (2007) – Club Penguin has a camping party for it’s fellow campers.


Club Penguin’s 100th Newspaper Party (2007) – Club Penguin celebrates for the 100th issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper.


Fall Fair (2007) – Club Penguin throws a Fall Fair. Penguins earned tickets and then cashed them in for cool prizes.


Second Year Anniversary Party (2007) – Club Penguin turns two.


Halloween Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a spooky Halloween party.


Western Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a western styled party.


Coins for Change (2007) – Penguins donated their coins to kids who needed help.


Christmas Party (2007) – Club Penguin celebrates Christmas. Christmas scarfs, santa hats, and bells were given out for free.


Winter Fiesta Party (2008) – Club Penguin throws a winter fiesta party.


Underwater Party (2008) – Club Penguin had an underground water party.


Saint Patrick’s Day Party (2008) – Club Penguin celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.


Easter Egg Hunt (2008) – Club Penguin celebrates Easter and hides eggs for penguins to find.


April Fools Day Party (2008) – Club Penguin plays April Fool’s day tricks.


Pirate Party (2008) – Rockhopper parties with penguins on Club Penguin.


Medieval Party (2008) – Club Penguin throws its first Medieval party.


Water Party (2008) – Club Penguin throws a water party to keep cool from the hot sunny weather.


Music Jam (2008) – Club Penguin throws a music jam party, and played all kinds of music. Penguins got a chance to meet the Club Penguin band.


Paper Boats Hunt Scavenger Hunt (2008) – Club Penguin hides paper boats for us to find.


Penguin Games (2008) – Penguins play games to earn a gold medal.


Fall Fair (2008) – Club Penguin throws a Fall Fair party. Penguins earned tickets to buy cool prizes.


Third Year Anniversary Party (2008) – Club Penguin turns three.


Halloween Party (2008) – Club Penguin celebrates Halloween and has a candy hunt.


Dojo Grand Re-Opening Party (2008) – Club Penguin re-opens the Dojo and releases a new game called Card-Jitsu.


Coins for Change (2008) – Penguins donated their coins to help kids around the world.


Christmas Party (2008) – Club Penguin celebrates Christmas with its fellow penguins. Free bells, santa hats, and beards are given away for free.


(This page will be updated frequently with the latest Club Penguin events. Lets keep the spirit and history of Club Penguin alive.)

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