Club Penguin Item Glitch

I have decided to post another club penguin cheat. This cheat will allow you to keep your hat on, even if you attempted to take it off. It’s a really easy cheat to do, though it may take a couple of times for you to get it right.

1. Open up your player card, and put on the bell.

2. Close your player card, and hit (w) to wave.

3. Open your player card back up.

4. Put on the tour guide hat and click wave.

5. Very quickly, while your penguin is still waving, take off the tour guide hat.

6. You should still have the tour guide hat on in game mode, but it will appear to be off in your player card.

This also works for the maracas, and a few other items. Try it out yourself. If your still stuck, maybe my video will help.

Those of you who are wondering why I am taking the time to make videos for cheats, it’s because I am working on the club penguin cheats page. It will have a huge improvement, and I am sure you will like it.

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