Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats May 2011

Today the May 2011 Medieval Party has come! It is very cool the music and decorations are splendid.

Superpacman also created a video cheats guide for the medieval party in May 2011

Part 1 of the Medieval party cheats video:

Here is the cheats for this party:

To find the Wizard Hat go to the LightHouse

Now, for members only, you can do the 3 Knight Quests in the Underground Pool.

Here is the cheat for the old Knight Quest 1:

Now for the 1st challenge, light up all the orbs by stepping on the tablet in front of it.

Now throw 50 snowballs at any target for your 2nd challenge.

Then pick up the knight armor.

Now for your 3rd challenge, pick up the knight armor. Then go to the path. The path order is

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right

Then at the end there is knight armor.

Now start Knight Challenge 2.

First, throw snowballs at all the fire statues.

Now for the 2nd challenge, match the key with the lock, each one is different. For example, for mine, if I click the down arrow, I win because it matches with the key.

Take the armor at the next place.

Now, at the last challenge, throw snowballs at the bucket until it is filled, then click the button on the cannon to throw it at the dragon. Do this 3 times to defeat him. Then the gate will open.

Then go in, you will see a toothbrush pin, and gold. You can have as much gold as you want.

Now start the newest, Challenge 3.

To start, go to the first room for your first challenge. You have to memorize where each gems are. This is a bit challenging.

For the next challenge, you must try to get to the other side. The order is, Red Button, then Blue Button, then go to the top and click the Yellow Button. Then you can get through to the other side. Remember to get the armor.

Now, go to the next room and pick up the armor.

Now for the last challenge, defeat the hyena, by going to the next room.

Then the finishing room. You get the armor to complete your challenge, and all 3 challenges!

Party 2 of the medieval party cheats video:

Congratulations! You completed the challenges! I love the Medieval Party, how about you? Comment below!

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