Club Penguin Member Accounts & Passwords

I’ve been getting some questions and emails from club penguin users and members asking me if i can give them club penguin member account usernames and passwords.

Since a lot of people want to log into other penguin accounts and some people quit club penguin i thought this would be a good place to allow people to put up old club penguin accounts with the usernames and passwords. These accounts can be member accounts or regular non member accounts, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure that you do not care what people buy or download with the accounts you leave here! You can never be sure what is going to happen if you leave your actual member penguin on this list!

Before you leave a club penguin account username or password be sure you are 100% sure you want to put the username and password for the member or non member club penguin account in the comments because that means anyone can use it. So if you have a member or non-member penguin you don’t want banned or someone else using DONT Put it in the comment section haha.

There are a few rules before posting a club penguin account information on this page.

1) You can not post someone else’s club penguin account username and password

2) You must be 100% sure you want to post the account information

3) You can post both member and nonmember club penguin accounts

4) If you use one of the accounts on this page DO NOT BREAK THE CLUB PENGUIN RULES or ban the penguin

5) We have no control over what happens to the accounts posted on this page so don’t post an account on this page if you are afraid of it’s coins getting spent or possibly getting banned (if you use the account DONT GET IT BANNED) but like i said we have no control over what people use the club penguin member username and password

That’s all we have to say so if you have an old account or goof off/play account feel free to use this member account and username / password page to share CP accounts.

In the comment section post the following form:

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