Club Penguin Mods & Moderators

As many of you know, Club Penguin is one of the most popular games in the world and to help keep it safe and a fun place for everyone to play, Club Penguin has moderators who watch over the game and also test new games, levels, maps, and features in the game.

Most of the Club Penguin moderators are either creators or employees of Disney’s Club Penguin and work for the company. There is hundreds of moderators, but here’s a giant list with all of the most famous and most popular moderators on Club Penguin along with a little information about each moderator.


billybob   Club Penguin Mods & Moderators

Billybob is actually owned by the CEO and main owner of Club Penguin. His real name is Lane Merrifield.  He created the penguin Billybob back in 2005 and has used him since Club Penguin launched.  Lane Merrifiend AKA Billybob still logs onto Club Penguin almost daily even though some people believe he usually logs onto the test & beta servers, however sometimes you are able to find him and meet the actual CEO of Club Penguin.  You may also know Billybob from his posts and articles on the official Club Penguin blog called the Whats New Blog!


Screenhog 213x300   Club Penguin Mods & Moderators

Screenhog is another one of the most famous Club Penguin moderators. He is a graphic designer for the Club Penguin team. His real name is Chris Hendricks.  A lot of people may know of him as well from his posts he makes for the official Club Penguin blog or on his own personal blog at  He also enjoys playing Club Penguin mini games and can be regularly seen on his favorite server  Sleet.


rsnail 225x300   Club Penguin Mods & Moderators

Rsnail is another one of the most famous Club Penguin moderators. He is owned by another Club Penguin founder Lance Priebe and has been around since the first day Club Penguin went live.  A cool fact about the Club Penguin mod Rsnail is that his name is short for Rocketsnail, the original site Club Penguin was made for and hosted on.


happy77   Club Penguin Mods & Moderators

Happy77 is one of the less know Club Penguin moderators but is one of the most active posters on the official Club Penguin blog.  Her real name is Rachael Leards and she also works for Club Penguin.  Happy77 has been around for a long time, even since the old days of the Penguin Chat 3 which you can read more about on the club penguin history page.  Anyways she is on Club Penguin a regular amount and if you happen to find Happy77 the Club Penguin moderator, be sure to let us know!


gizmo   Club Penguin Mods & Moderators

Gizmo is probably the least well known of all the Club Penguin moderators but even the least well known of all the Club Penguin mods is VERY famous.  He is owned by Dave Krysko who is also one of the founders and original owners of Club Penguin.  He started Club Penguin when he founded New Horizon Productions and New Horizon Interactive. Gizmo rarely logs onto Club Penguin so if you end up finding him feel VERY lucky because it doesn’t happen often.

Most of these Club Penguin moderators spend their time working on the Club Penguin beta servers checking out new features, games, maps, and more but they also log onto the regular servers too and when they do you can meet all the Club Penguin moderators.  If you do meet one you should leave a comment and let everyone else know because you are one of the few who actually got to meet one.  Also if anyone says they have one of the famous penguins passwords they are lying because you can only log into the Club Penguin mod accounts from specific IP addresses so even if you could know a Club Penguin moderator password it would do you any good unless you were at the CP headquarters or had your IP added to the list of accepted IP’s.

If you need help finding any of the Club Penguin moderators, you can use our Club Penguin Moderator Trackers to help you find where they are and if they are online.