Club Penguin Money Maker Download

Are you looking for a Club Penguin money maker to download and get all the free gold coins you want!? There are such things out there that can get you virtually unlimited amounts of coins in 2012.

By using such things however, you could possibly get banned from Club Penguin. If you do it right though, you will be perfectly fine! Our staff has used these programs for years now and as long as you follow our guide you should be alright.

Check out the download for the Windows version or a Mac version download. It is the only good one that  I know about so I figured I would point you there!

There is a lot of reasons someone would want to download club penguin coin generator! Maybe you want to get some cool new items for your penguins igloo?  Maybe you don’t have time to play games to earn the coins you need?  Maybe you are coin crazy and want to be super rich haha! No matter what the reason the money maker is a good way to get as many coins as you want!

money maker 300x231   Club Penguin Money Maker Download

Just be sure if you download the coin generator and use it that you don’t overdue it.

Tips for Using The Money Maker in 2012:

1) Don’t use the program more than twice in one day per penguin account

2) Do not create more than 20,000 coins per time using the  program.

3) Try to keep your penguins total coins below 100,000 at all times, if you go over this it’s a trigger for club penguin to check your account for using cheats!

4) Spend the money if you want to be super safe! Once it’s spent you won’t have to worry about your account being flagged!

5) Do a test first using an account you don’t care about, the best plan is to create an account you do not actually care about. If you do not have time for that you can check out our accounts and passwords page for some penguins you could use.

6) Don’t abuse the power.  If you go around bragging about how you got tons of coins, there is a good chance your penguin is going to get flagged and you might end up getting a manual review which could result in your account being banned.


The club penguin money maker was first created in 2007 and revolutionized the game almost instantly.  The ability to create tons of money for your penguin allowed even the casual player to roll in the dough like the rich penguins. When the program was first released it was like penguin storm on steroids, instead of having to spend hours upon hours every week to get enough coins to buy the new items that came out every week in the catalogs now you penguins could just log in the day the new catalogs would come out and buy every single item for their igloo.

Obviously this wasn’t the plan that club penguin and Disney had in mind, so later that year the staff developed programs and strategies to help catch people who cheated to get unlimited money, or even hundreds and thousands of coins.  To help you still stay under the radar we developed the rules and tips above which should help you beat the odds and get tons of free coins on club penguin!

Hopefully this club penguin money maker will help you and your penguin have tons of fun on CP. We know that a lot of users have asked us to give them a download for it however we currently don’t advise cheating so we do not feel like we should leave the download on this page at this time.  However if we change our minds later we may add a downloadable or online money maker to this page.

For more Club Penguin coin cheats check out our exclusive Money Cheats page!


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