Club Penguin Newspaper – CP Times

The club penguin newspaper also known as the club penguin times is released once a week and contains all the important information penguins need to know for the coming week on club penguin. If you’re wondering about a special event on club penguin or you want to know when the new pin or club penguin catalog is being released then you need to view the club penguin times. Each new issue contains all this information and more.

Club Penguin Newspaper Sections

CP Times A Section – Featured Stories

-Top Stories of Club Penguin

CP Times B Section – Regular Features

– In Focus
– Ask Aunt Arctic
– Top Secret

CP Times C Section – Club Penguin Extras

– Jokes
– Riddles
– Poetry
– Bonus Puzzle (bi-weekly)
– Upcoming Events
– Fan Comics
– Sensei’s Fortune Cookie – (something very important will be happening on club penguin)

CP Times D Section – Notices

– Submit Your Content

club penguin times

About The Newspaper

– The newspaper is released every Thursday on Club Penguin and you can access it at the top of this page

– The Editor of the Club Penguin Newspaper the Club Penguin Times is Aunt Arctic

– You Can View The Last 6 Issues Of The Club Penguin Times by going to the Boiler Room and Looking In The Old News

– The Director Of The PSA Puts secret messages in the Club Penguin Times Newspaper

– Club Penguin Secret Agents Can Download The CP Newspaper to Their Nintendo DS EPF Game

– Famous Penguin Stompin Bob Occasionally writes poems for the CP Times

penguin band stompin bob

– The Reviewed By You Section of the Club Penguin Newspaper was moved to the official club penguin blog in May 2009

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