Club Penguin Ninja Cheats How To Guide

Today I will give you the best Club Penguin Cheats that will make you a Club Penguin ninja. This cheats guide will help you if you want to know how to become a ninja on club penguin really fast or really quick! So first of all, you need to collect all the club penguin ninja card jitsu game belts

picture 24   Club Penguin Ninja Cheats How To Guide

If you don’t know how to get the belts well here is how it works

  1. Go to the dojo play card jitsu competition mode
  2. after you play and receive all the belts play sensei mode
  3. If you beat sensei you receive a ninja mask and a secret room key

Note: You can only defeat sensei after you receive the black belt, keep playing him even if you loose and he will get weaker. Then you beat him and he gives you the items.

picture 23   Club Penguin Ninja Cheats How To Guide

So are you a ninja on Club Penguin yet? If not, don’t feel bad because I just became a ninja today! It takes alot of time and patience to become one. Here’s my penguin as a ninja:

kingpin2 ninja 300x291   Club Penguin Ninja Cheats How To Guide

If you’re not a ninja yet, follow the tips that I used below:

1. Get friends to play and let you win. It’s best to select a non-popular server and let the Sensei put you together in a competition.

2. Let the Sensei choose who you play. You earn more points towards your next belt so you’ll be able to beat sensei sooner!

Beating the Club Penguin Sensei is pretty tough too. Here’s the quickest and easiest way to make him weaker:

1. Choose the same card over and over. If you choose fire, the Sensei will choose water. If you run out of fire, choose a different card and repeat the steps.

2. The Sensei uses strong cards, so pick the highest card you have.

That’s all the club penguin ninja cheats and guide on how to become a ninja on club penguin. Let me know if your a ninja yet!