Club Penguin Penguin Style Catalog January 2013 Cheats

Whats up everyone,

We’ve put together a video showing you all the cheats for the new club penguin penguin style catalog for January 2013.  You can watch the video below and find out where all the hidden clothing items are in the new catalog.

There are only 4 new cheats so I’ve also added them below.

1) On the first page with penguins click on the tree in the background for the Blue Wig

2) On the page with the pink and blue penguin click on the pink penguins shoe where it’s sparkling for the silver stilletos.

3) On that same page if you click on the blue penguins cuff on his shirt you will get the squiggle shoes

4) Finally on the page with the girl penguin wearing the shirt with a skull, you need to click on the skull and you will get the orange scarf

Well that’s it for the new January 2013 penguin style catalog cheats.

Hopefully this video helps some of you guys and girls out!


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