Club Penguins Phone Number

Every now and then i get asked by someone what club penguins phone number is so i figured i would make a post to help people who are looking for it.

cp phone number

But before you call club penguin please be sure it is about something very important and if it isn’t then you should try to email club penguin instead. They are very busy at club penguin making the game better every day and working hard to make it safe and fun for everyone so every time you call club penguin’s phone number you’re taking away time they could be spending working on something important.

The main phone number for club penguin is 1-888-861-4111

But like i said before you or your parents call the club penguin phone number be sure their is a good reason and it isn’t something simple about the game because they have support emails and forms to help you with that. If you call about something in the game they might not answer your question and might just send you to the website to use one of the club penguin contact forms.

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