Club Penguin Pin Tracker April 2012

Club Penguin releases new pins every couple weeks and this guide will show you where the new pin is on club penguin every week by letting you know the room you can find it in. The current pin for April 2012 is on club penguin tracker below and using it will help show you where you should look right now on your server since it has the correct location updated daily. Also keep an eye out for the updated May pin trackers being updated soon.

This Pin Tracker Cheat will help you if you’re wondering where is the pin on club penguin or where the April 2012 club penguin pin is. Many of the visitors to this website have asked us to develop this application so that they don’t have to waste tons of time trying to check every single place on the entire game. Well like always your guys wish is our command so we’ve developed program below which updates every Wednesday or Thursday!

The current secret club penguin pin and newest clubpenguin hidden pin is located below:

pin tracker   Club Penguin Pin Tracker April 2012

Every week Disney usually releases one or two pins which are hidden somewhere on the island. This usually happens late on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning in United States Time. The thing about this is that the item is only available for that one week and then it is gone forever. So it’s important to make sure you get the new one every week or you will never have another chance.

This reason alone makes some rare pins on club penguin, due to the fact that many users didn’t even have accounts in the early days of the game. You might actually be able to get these pins by using a cheat program like penguin storm or another trainer hacking software.

However just by using the clubpenguin pin finder you should be able to locate its location and what room it’s in during April 2012.

Club Penguin Pins are collectible items on the island that are released every 2 weeks. You are able to keep these collectible items in your inventory and wear them on your player card. Some pins are more rare then others and are used as a sort of penguin status symbol. For example a lot of famous penguins will wear their old and rare ones around so other users can see how long they have been members.

Penguins are able to collect pins just by walking up to the item and then clicking on a text pop up box that says would you like to pick it up. By clicking yes you are able to grab the collectible and maybe rare pin thus adding it to your inventory.

Many pins are released depending on a special event coming to club penguin in the next week. These are popular because they are like a piece of history that remind players of an event they either enjoyed or took part in.

If you are also wondering where the mascots are on club penguin, be sure to use our famous mascot penguin trackers which also are built using the same system and update automatically as well with the new server and room information!

Hopefully the April 2012 tracker will help you if you are wondering where the pin is on club penguin! Also the May trackers will be updated soon so be sure to bookmark this page as our staff updates it as soon as the new released come out.