Club Penguin PS3

It looks like club penguin may be coming to the PS3 in the form of a new Play Station 3 Club Penguin Game. This makes sense to me and i figure it might have something to do with Disney trying to make as much money from club penguin as they can and making a club penguin PS3 game would be a good way to do it.

Here’s a fake picture of what sony and disney could make the PS3 game look like haha

This is just a rumor as of right now but i think it’s a good possibility that a club penguin PS3 game could be coming out soon.

Hopefully it will come out soon if it’s actually being made but i wouldn’t be surprised if CP waited it out until next christmas to sell as many copies as they can for the Holiday Season.

So if i had to guess i’de say look for the game to come out sometime in November and maybe even December 2010. Either way what do you all think, would it be a good idea for disney to make a PS3 game or should they just stick to the computer and Nintendo DS. Maybe the Wii would be a good idea since they already have that connection with Nintendo.


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