Penguin Storm Cheats & Software Download

Would you like to download the Penguin Storm Software?! Well what is it anyways and what does it do?! That is definetely a good question and one that I will gladly answer for you. First off Penguin Storm is a club penguin hacking and cheating software that allows to to change aspects of the game itself. Disney has tried to make this software irrelevant and not work but it does still exist and you can still use it in 2012 to make changes to the game! What kind of changes you ask? Well check out the list below for some ideas.

  • Change your penguins size
  • Change the music for your igloo
  • Get rare items for free and without doing anything
  • Beat all the levels of mini games without actually doing it
  • Be able to access moderators igloos
  • Meet Rare Mascots like rockhopper, aunt arctic and more
  • Complete certain mission and mission types without actually doing them
  • Change your username
  • And some more but you get the idea

If this sounds like the kind of thing you might be interested then penguin storm might be something for you. Then you should download the program and give it a shot.

Also If you like huge penguins this also might be for you.

penguin storm 2012   Penguin Storm Cheats & Software Download

However there are some risks with using the hacking trainer program, for example there is a chance your account could be banned. However the chances of that happening can be reduced if you use this trainer correctly which we talked about earlier in this guide.

This software was designed and developed by the famous coder MicroChip123 and was the number one trainer cheating software in the world until about 2010 when the security team at Disney was able to patch most of it’s functionality making it way less effective. Since it’s now 2012 most of the features still work but some no longer work, also it is easier to get banned if you use it.

So our tips are if you really do want to use CP storm you should download the trainer and then use it on an account that isn’t your main username. This way if you get detected using the cheat program you won’t have to worry about your account being banned and having all of the items you worked so hard to get disappear.

Also don’t download the program from random sites! There are some people who name virus’s the same thing and then when you try to download it you might actually get your computer infected! So only download the program from reputable sites like this one!

History Log:

Version 12 – June 12th

Version 12.1 – June 18th

Version 12.2 – July 2nd

Version 12.3 – July 3rd

Version 12.4 – July 29th

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what club penguin storm is and now you can make the decision of whether or not you want to use it. We only try to use the software on accounts we don’t actually care about because of the reasons we said above. However if you decide to use it on your main account just be sure to follow the tips and guides section above because that will decrease the chance of your account being flagged by the Abuse Team. Obviously if you get caught you can’t get in any serious trouble but they do have the ability to ban your account from logging into the servers. Just be careful and think before doing anything crazy and you should be alright.

You can check out our Trainers page for more information about other hack programs and cheating software available in 2012. Even though Disney and the staff work hard to stop hacking a lot of these programs still work so you can be sure that the download is probably going to be effective.


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