Famous Club Penguin Mascot Trackers 2012

The penguincheatscp.com club penguin trackers help you track down and find the location of all the famous penguins on club penguin during 2012!

Our club penguin trackers are the only ones that actually work and are 100% accurate. We do this by building club penguin mascot trackers that scan the all of the servers every 2-5 minutes and locate the penguin ID numbers of famous penguins like Rockhopper, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, Gary, and the Penguin Band. As soon as our real tracker identifies the server that the famous penguin or penguins are on it then in turn updates our trackers with their current location including both the room and server the mascot is on.

The Official PenguinCheatsCP.com Tracking Group:

So by using these 100% accurate and working 2012 club penguin trackers you will be able to find any famous penguin on club penguin as soon as they log in. So if you really want to know the location or where a popular penguin is right now these should help you find them without having to search all of the rooms on all of the servers.

Click Below For The Famous Penguin Tracker Of Your Choice:

Bookmark this page as we add new ones all the time and as long as you check back often or follow us on twitter/facebook you will be the first to know where you need to go to find the mascots during the club penguin parties in 2012!
Update 1: Another cool thing about the club penguin trackers we have is that you are able to add all of the exact same trackers we use onto your club penguin cheats or secrets site for free!!

To add any of these CP trackers to your blog or site you can get them at http://clubpenguinwidgets.com

Ten Tips For Finding Famous Penguins

Ten Sure Fire Tips to find the Club Penguin Band and Candence:

  1. Always check our chatbox: http://clubpenguincc.com/chat There will always be a ton of people on there working towards the same goal as you: finding the Club Penguin Band and Cadence.
  2. Every 5-10 seconds, refresh the Club Penguin Cadence Tracker Page and Club Penguin Band Tracker Page.
  3. Tell all your friends who play Club Penguin about this tracker, the more people there are, the easier it is to find them.
  4. When looking for the Club Penguin Band, remember they only go Backstage (located in the Dock)
  5. When looking for Cadence, remember she only goes in the Top Floor of the Dance Club.
  6. If you see a friend is in a server, check it out, they may have found Cadence or the Club Penguin Band.
  7. Always comment on the Club Penguin Cadence Tracker Page and Club Penguin Band Tracker Page when you find them.
  8. Look for unusually crowded servers, they may be this way because either the Club Penguin Band or Cadence is in it.
  9. Look for big crowds in the Backstage and Top Floor of the Dance Club. This is usually a sign of them being there.
  10. Go on the Club Penguin Tracker Page as much as possible throughout the day, for your best chance to find the Club Penguin Band and Cadence on Club Penguin.

There you go! Follow those 10 tips and you should find Cadence and the Club Penguin Band on Club Penguin in no time! Remember comment if you find them!

Update 2: I get asked all the time to create new club penguin mascot trackers in 2012 for different penguins and i try to do as much as i can but sometimes i am not able too. I usually update and build new trackers for all of the most famous penguins but i just don’t have the time to make trackers for your penguin or one of your friends. I’m sorry i can’t do it but each one of these take a long time to make and i only have so much time to update the site with new cheats, help keep the forum running, and lots of other stuff like school and hanging out with friends.

Update 3: We have went through and updated not only the VPS server running all of our mascot and famous penguin trackers but we also increased the amount of RAM the server is using to find where they are on club penguin. In addition to this we updated both the PHP version and MySQL versions being used. This probably doesn’t mean anything to most users but it basically is going to make them even faster so the new 2012 club penguin trackers are going to be able to find the mascots even quicker than before! This should increase everyone’s chances of actually meeting them while they visit the island!

Stay tuned for more updates as our staff is constantly trying to improve our system. IF you have any tips or ideas for things we should add to make our club penguin trackers even better just let us know in the comments section!