Club Penguin Xbox 360 Game

Hey Penguins,

Theres a rumor about club penguin xbox right now that says that disney is planning on making a club penguin based game for the xbox 360. I don’t know how realistic the rumor is but it would make sense for both disney and xbox.

How’s this for a cover haha 😛

There is a lot of club penguin fans who own xbox’s and i bet most of them would love to have a club penguin game for their xbox 360. I’m sure the game would be more like an action based game instead of the mission style games used on the current Nintendo DS games.

Think about how much fun it would be to log onto xbox live and play club penguin games with your friends. It’de probably be a hit and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was the big release right before christmas so a lot of peoples parents would get it for them for the holidays.

Like i said this is just a rumor so i don’t even know if it’s true but what would you all think? Would you like a club penguin xbox game? What kind of features would you want in the game?

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