Club Penguin Money And Coin Generator

WPE Pro Money Generator Hack

  1. First off you need to download WPE Pro (you can get it at
  2. Once you have it go to the night club up the ladder
  3. Next you need to play the thin ice game
  4. Once playing thin ice you need to open up WPE Pro
  5. After opening up WPE Pro click on target program and choose the internet browser your using ( example: internet explorer, firefox, safari…) and press play
  6. Start the game and complete the first level and then quit the game
  7. After quitting the game re open WPE Pro and press stop.
  8. After stopping look through the list for the part that has 36 at the end
  9. Select that one then make the packet size 17
  10. Then where it says 36% change the 36% and the first . to 9999
  11. Now start up the thin ice game.
  12. Once you’ve started thin ice go back to WPE Pro and press play
  13. After pressing play go back to club penguin and you should have 1000 coins
  14. Repeat this until you have as many club penguin coins as you want.

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