Club Penguin Contests and Free Memberships

Here at we believe it is only right to hold weekly contests and try to give away free club penguin memberships to all the CP users out there! WHy not have the chance to get memberships without paying for them!?

So we have a few things to tell you about here and pay attention because this could mean you get a free membership!

cp contest   Club Penguin Contests and Free Memberships

First off, check out On this site, you can earn points for playing games and when you get so many points, you simply trade them in for a club penguin membership!

For a list of the best offers that get you points for sure check out our best offers page.

Secondly, check out our website for more updates..

Thirdly, we hold¬†weekly¬†contests for penguin of the week. By entering this contest, you have a chance to be featured on our homepage and have everyone see who you are! This could make you famous! You can’t win a membership by doing this but being on out homepage is just as awesome! Click here to go to the Penguin of the Week page.


Lastly, check out our beta test games page for a list of beta games that you can be some of the first kids to play! This means that the game is looking for some feedback and what not so they can make changes to help better the game. Play the games and give some feedback!

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