EPF Field Ops Mission Cheats Walkthrough

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin released the first Elite Penguin Force or EPF Field Ops missions today! It’s kind of exciting to have the first secret agent field ops mission with the new penguin secret agency so we got you the cheats and walkthrough tutorial on how to beat it so you can win a club penguin shield coin to buy new club penguin EPF Ops gear and cool secret agent gadgets.

The video cheats guide:

Now on to the regular cheats and help guide:

To do the new epf field ops mission you need to first log into club penguin and when you do you will see your spy phone flashing ( this means you have a new agent mission ) When you click on the spy phone you will be taken to the secret agent headquarters.

Once in the EPF HQ you need to go over to the large yellow computer screen on the right that says field ops and click on it.

After getting the mission cheats information you need to go find the big S.  This is located at the club penguin night club on the disco sign.

To get to the nightclub you can click on your map and go to the club penguin town and you can click on the Giant S in the Disco.  Look at the picture above.

After you click on the S your EPF Spy Phone will ring and  you need to click it to pick it up and there will be a little game you need to play called destroy the circuits and once you beat it you will win a new medal worth one EPF field Ops medal. To destroy the circuits you need to click on the red balls and inside them you will see a shape. You then need to find the other red ball with the matching shape and click on it. This will cause the circuits to explode.

You can use these field ops medals and a special kind of club penguin coin and use them to buy and get cool EPF gear and secret agent gadgets.  This is pretty sweet if you ask me haha.  I’ll be sure to get all the epf field ops shield cheats and coin cheats to help you get as many of the coins and shields!

That’s all for the new EPF field ops mission cheats and walkthrough guide. Hopefully you all were able to beat the new Ops
Mission and get the medal so you can buy some cool EPF spy gear with your shield coin!

PS rockhopper is on his way back to club penguin right now and we have the only 100% accurate and the best rockhopper tracker for june 2010 on this site! Good luck to everyone and lets make this week fun haha.


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