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The field ops cheats are for helping you beat all of the new weekly club penguin EPF missions in 2012. Ever since the club penguin PSA was destroyed new elite penguin force has taken over as the main penguin secret agency. Every week the EPF releases another small mission known as the field ops and here’s are all the tutorial walkthrough guides for the field ops missions.

Field Ops 75 is out and our step by step guide is ready to view! Check it out and let us know what you think. this one is pretty easy and has you go through some dimensions to complete it! Enjoy. Click Here to view the guide.

field ops cheats   Field Ops Cheats 2012   Club Penguin EPF

More information about the EPF missions below:

field ops 2   Field Ops Cheats 2012   Club Penguin EPF

Compared to the original club penguin missions for the PSA the field ops cheats are smaller weekly mini-missions that agents can complete and earn EPF shields which they can then use as a type of money to purchase different secret agent items. Basically Every time you beat an Elite Penguin Force Field Ops Mission you earn a club penguin epf shield coin that you can use to buy special spy gear and gadgets for your penguin from the command room.

epf field ops   Field Ops Cheats 2012   Club Penguin EPF

To purchase these items you can click on your spy phone and then click on the Elite Gear button that i circled in the picture above. There are a wide variety of different spy related items and the more EPF shields you get the more items and better options who will be able to afford. So take a look at the guides listed on this page as they should help you out. The guides will be updated weekly with the new step by step tutorials as they are released by club penguin.

Below are the all of the current field ops cheats guides:

Field Ops Mission 1 Cheats

Field Ops Mission 2 Cheats

Field Ops Mission 3 Cheats

Field Ops Mission 4 Cheats

Field ops 5 Guide – July 12

Field ops 6 Cheats – July 21

Field Ops 9 Cheats – August 10

Field Ops 10 Guide – August 17

Field ops 12 Cheats – August 31

Field Ops Mission 13 – September 7

Field Ops How To Mission 14 – September 14

Mission 15 Field Ops – September 21

Field Ops Mission 16 Cheats – September 27

Field Ops Mission Guide 17 – October 4

Field Ops 18 Cheats – October 12

Field Ops Mission 19 – October 18

Field Ops Mission 20 – October 28

Field Ops 21 Cheats- November 4

Field Ops 22 Secrets- November 11

Field Ops 23 Guide – November 18

Field Ops Mission 24 – December 1

Field Ops 25 Cheats – December 8

Field Ops Mission 26- December 15

Field Ops Cheats 27- December 24

Field Ops Cheats 28- December 31

Field Ops Cheats 29- January 7

Field Ops Cheats 30 – January 14

Field Ops Cheats 31 – January 26

Field Ops Cheats 32 – February 4

Field Ops 33 Cheats Guide – February 16

Field Ops 34 Cheats – March 3

Hopefully these EPF field ops cheats and tutorial walkthroughs for the missions will help you succeed in being the best club penguin secret agent and get all the shields you can! Hopefully these guides will help you a ton in 2012!

- Paintboy100 and the rest of the Authors and Staff

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