FREE 1 Week Club Penguin Membership, and Coins!

If you are a member already, and you currently CANNOT access Club Penguin, there is a way for you to extend your membership by One week! Here’s how-


  • Call Club Penguin. (Numbers are below)
  • Tell them about how upset you are about the domain issue, and you’re paying good money for memberships. (BE POLITE!)
  • They MAY ask for you parents.
  • Then the Club Penguin Staff will tell you that he/she can extend your CP membership by One week, and will ask for your Penguin Name, and Email that you created your Penguin with.
  • Then he/she will wait a moment to enter all of your information in, and if it is correct, and you are a member, The Club Penguin Staff will say he/she extended your membership by One Week, and Added Coins to your account!
  • Make sure to Thank Them. 😉
  • Remember this offer is for a limited time, so call now and tell your friends!


Club Penguin Phone Numbers

North America – (888) 861-4111
Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday, 8am-4pm, Sunday, 10am-6pm (PST)
United Kingdom – 0-800-085-7638
Monday through Sunday, 10am-6pm (GMT)
Australia – 1800 237 406
Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm (EST) (Sydney, New South Wales)
New Zealand – 0800 451 604
Monday through Friday, 12pm-8pm (NZDT)
All other countries – 250-861-5111
Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday, 8am-4pm, Sunday, 10am-6pm (North American Pacific Standard Time) NOTE: Long distance charges may apply

-Shirtisred, Team Paintboy Author

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