Free Club Penguin Membership

Here at and we are going to be giving away AT LEAST one free club penguin membership card code every week!  The Team Paintboy authors are sponsoring this entire free membership contest and below are the ways to win!

The easiest way for you to get a membership right now in 2015 is by going to! They both let anyone join and i was able to get 3 free memberships from the first site and i’ve won 2 more on the second one! They are actually legit and do give away memberships!  If you have some time i would go to the first site since you can get one for sure by finishing a couple offers but if you don’t have more than a couple minutes i would go to the second one because it’s faster!

I would like to give everyone a chance to become a member of Club Penguin. I have been a member for quite a while, and I enjoy being a member. I will be holding a contest for the following prizes.

Below are the two types of membership cards we will be giving away!

First off is the 6 month membership gift card.

Second are the 1 month club penguin membership cards

So why do you want a free club penguin membership card code well…

Being a member on Club Penguin, gives you an advantage. As a member of Club Penguin, you can do the following.

  1. Purchase clothing items for your penguin.
  2. Buy and decorate your igloo with cool furniture.
  3. Upgrade your igloo to something bigger or fancier. (Like a Pumpkin igloo)
  4. Enter rooms that other penguins can’t enter (During parties).
  5. And much, much, more.

So How Do I Win A CP Membership?  Well There’s 4 Ways!!!

1) We will be giving some of the memberships to our team paintboy followers! So for the best chance to win you need to follow us on Twitter , Like us on Facebook, and Subcribe to us on facebook! (click on each below)

2) If you have a facebook, blog, or website you can add the Team Paintboy Widget/Banner to your website.  You can get the widget by clicking here! Once you add the widget to you website fill out the form below and we will enter you into the drawing!

[contact-form 2 “Untitled”]

3) Check and everyday because we will also be posting some of the codes to the websites homepage or hold a contest to give away some membership cards. These will be first come, first serve  SO whoever visits the website most has the best chance to win!

4) The referral Contest! Read below for more information!

The Referral Contest – Win Cool Prizes

How to Enter The Free Membership Contest

To enter, you must comment on this page, using the format below.

Rules / Guide

1. To enter, you must follow the following format. If you don’t do it correctly, then you won’t be entered.

2. How to comment

Fill in your name, email, and blog URL. (Blog URL not required)

Then, for your comment, put who referred you (If you weren’t referred, type NONE). Put your penguin name, and your email address.

Here is an example:

3. Do NOT enter more then once. (I will know if you did.)

4. Comment entries will be visible to others.

5. The winners will be announced, and emailed. Please make sure you put the correct email.


To have a better chance of winning, you need referrals. Here is how it works.

1. Get your friends to come here and comment. Have them write your name as the “Referal”.

How the Referral system works

Every time someone writes your name down as a referral, you get 2 points. However, you get a certain number of points added to your total depending on how many referrals you received.

10 Referrals: 40 Points

25 Referrals: 80 Points

50 Referrals: 120 Points

100 Referrals: 200 Points

Faking referrals will get you disqualified from the contest. I can tell if you do.

Ways to get more Referrals

1. Tell your friends at school. They’ll refer you and get you more points in the contest.

2. Print out this poster, and hand them out to other kids. (At your school or community)

(poster will be added soon, check back for poster)

3. Post about or on-line, and tell people to refer you.

4. Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messenger or through EMAIL.

5. Advertise on other sites!

Good luck to everyone who enters the free club penguin membership contests on and

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