Free Unlimited Coins Cheat On Club Penguin – Without Hacking

We got a special new CP cheat that can get you as many coins as you want without having to hack club penguin. This safe glitch is really easy actually and you can get unlimited coins without taking a chance at getting banned!!! That’s right you CAN NOT get banned doing this glitch so do it quick before club penguin realizes it and fixes the cheat so that it doesn’t work anymore.

The Coffee Shop
Step 1: You need to go to the coffee shop

Bean Counter Glitch Cheats
Step 2: Next you need to click on the bag of coffee beans to play bean counters BUT right before your penguin gets to the bag click on the home button to go to your igloo.

Your Igloo Glitch
Step 3: If your timing was right you should end up in your igloo but it’ll still say “Would you like to play Bean Counters?” (Like it does in the picture above) Then you should click “YES” and play bean counters.

Step 4: Play the game and try to get as high of a score as possible (it will help later on).

Get unlimited club penguin coins
Step 5: After the game the screen will pop up telling you how many coins you won and then you need to click OK.

Play the game
Step 6: Now the cool part. When you try to exit the game that pop up will come up again and you’ll get the coins again. You can keep doing this as many times as you want and get as many coins as you want. So if you won 200 coins on the game every time you click the “X” to leave you’ll get 200 more coins!!!!

My free coins
Step 7: I did this for about a minute and got around 10000 coins, I took a pic so you could see it check it out above.

The end of the secret trick
Step 8: After you’ve got as many coins as you want you need to click the “Website Home” link at the top left of your computer screen. This will log you out and when you log back in you’ll have all the coins!!!!

Well that’s the new club penguin unlimited coin cheat and it’s an easy way to make a ton of money. I did it on my main account and made over 100,000 coins in about 15 minutes. So have fun and leave a comment telling everyone how many coins you got from this cheat!! As of right now it’s probably the best working club penguin glitch that doesn’t use a hack!!

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