Club Penguin Herbert Tracker April 2012

This tracker was designed, programmed, and developed to help you find Herbert on club penguin during April 2012! If you don’t know much about him he is probably the biggest villain on club penguin and there are many times through-out the year that you are going to want to find him.

herbert tracker   Club Penguin Herbert Tracker April 2012

Take a look at his picture below for a better idea of who you are looking for!

herbert   Club Penguin Herbert Tracker April 2012

His official name is actually Herbert P. Bear and has been around for a long time. He was the original bad guy in all of the club penguin secret missions in which the EPF agents had to stop him from basically ruining the world! It’s actually kind of funny that despite Herbert being a polar bear he HATES the cold and also can’t stand being in water. So who really needs a tracker, he is probably just hanging out somewhere warm… Just kidding haha.

herbert and klutzy carb   Club Penguin Herbert Tracker April 2012

He has a sidekick named klutzy the crab and together they try to destroy the environment surrounding the entire island. Since he hates the cold his main goal in a lot of his evil plots is to make it hotter which usually involves harming the environment and ruining the lives of the penguins. Seriously what penguin want’s to live somewhere warm?

Herbert is also very smart despite being evil and our main enemy. He has built a ton of powerful and creative inventions including a Mechanical Woodchopper, The famous electromagnet 3000, the devastating popcorn bomb from mission 11, and the Earthquake Driller! After destroying the original PSA headquarters he was also able to build the Ulitmiate Proto-Bot 10000 which i’m sure you remember!

Now that you know about this evil polar bear and have our 100% accurate and working Herbert Tracker For April 2012 we hope you will be able to finish your missions!

Good luck and may the force of the EPF be with you!

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