How To Tip The Iceberg

how to tip the iceberg

  1. The first thing you need to do before trying to tip the iceberg is get At Least 20 other penguins to go to the Iceberg
  2. Once you and all the other penguins are at the iceberg you need everyone to go to one side and get as close to the icebergs edge as possible
  3. As soon as everyone is on one of the edges you need all of the penguins to dress up like the pizza man and start dancing ( so you’ll be throwing pizza’s in the air )
  4. While your doing this the iceberg wil start to shake ( not a lot but enough that you’ll notice it ) and then you need all the penguins to run to the other side as quickly as possible
  5. Once everyone is on the other side the iceberg will start to tip that way and all the penguins need to keep pushing as far towards the icebergs edge as they possible can
  6. Pretty soon the iceberg will flip and it’ll toss all the penguins into the water
  7. When you penguin lands in the water your not going to have control of them and they’ll automatically move back towards the tipped iceberg
  8. Once they get back to the iceberg you’ll be able to control them again and then it’s time to part because you just tipped the iceberg!!!

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