May 2012 Club Penguin Style Catalog Cheats – Secret Clothing Items

It’s that time of the week for the new club penguin clothing catalog cheats so take a look at the penguin style hidden item guide below! Our video should be up soon as well!

For the first cheat all you need to do is click on the top of the pole on the left side page.

The second hidden item is simple too, all you need to do is click on the wizard penguins foot.

For the third secret penguin clothing item just click on the tip of the paintbrush

This will get you the penguin styles famous viking helmet

Also like always if you click on the tip of the paintbrush 4 times you can get the blue viking helmet for 1200 coins.

The next may 2012 penguin style cheat needs you to click on the tree branch i circled in this picture below and get all the bunny gear.

Next up is the hidden item cheat that needs your penguin to click on the shovel in the snow

This will let you get some cool recycling gear.  Now on to the Clearance items in the clothing catalog!

Finally we have all the clothing clearance items from the May 2012 Penguin Style catalog. This is your last chance to get any of these clothing items so be sure to buy them now before they are gone forever!

For the White Feather Boa you need to click on the boy penguins smile, right on those pearly whites.

2. Now if you want to get the brown shoes just click on the pink penguins beak in the little picture at the top.

Silver Star Necklace

1. Flip to the 10th page

Finally the last May 2012 club penguin style catalog cheat needs you to click on the tree at the top righthand side of the page for the Silver Star Necklace!

That’s all the cheats for the club penguin clothing catalog may 2012! Hopefully you have enough coins and money to get all the items you want! If not maybe you should check out our club penguin money maker! That could help you out with getting all the coins you need!

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