Club Penguin Mission 4 Walkthrough – Avalanche Rescue

  1. Just like the other missions you should begin mission 4 by talking to G
  2. Then go to the gadget room, once in go left and grab the life preserver shooter and then go to the Ski Village.
  3. When you get to the Ski Village grab the white fur thats next to the ski lift and then head into the ski lodge and go right when you enter
  4. You should see a fishing pole by the door, grab this and put it with the life preserver shooter to create another item.
  5. Head over to the Sport Shop, take a right, click on the belt of the penguin model and then head to the lighthouse.
  6. Once there take another right and grab the rope thats on the boat and put that with the item you created earlier( fishing pole + perserver ) to finish it off.
  7. Now head to the beacon and use the spanner part of your spy phone.
  8. Go to the telescope and take it off of the railing and add it to your items, then leave for the sport shop and head into gary’s room.
  9. Place the telescope with the tripod you see by the window and then click on it, now be sure to remember the path that goes to the penguins
  10. Head to Ski Mountain and Ridge Run following the path you memorized from the last step until you reach the busted fence
  11. When you get there click on the penguin rescuer ( on hole in fence ) and break the branch over the right using the tube.
  12. Grab the first penguin on the tree, then grab the penguin on the left side, then put the penguin back onto the tree.
  13. This should cause the tree to bend and you can then grab the other penguin who was underneath the tree
  14. After getting this penguin grab the other penguin you put on the tree
  15. Place these penguins onto the edge that has a rock and when the rock falls only one penguin will be stuck
  16. Grab the 3 penguins on the edge and the one who fell off of the sled, after getting these four penguins head beacka to Ski Village
  17. There will be a crying penguin and you need to talk to him then take out your belt and click on the ski lift
  18. ….Happy Penguin!!! now head to the ski hill and chat with G again then give him the white fur we got earlier.
  19. He’ll hand you the medal and something else and then you have beat mission 4

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