Club Penguin Mission 5 Walkthrough- Secret Fur

  1. Guess What? You start mission 5 by talking to G!!!
  2. After talking to him use your comb ( in spy phone ) on the pink fur stuck in the machine
  3. After getting the fur out of the machine G will give you some white fur which you should put into the machine and after the 2nd scan 3 items will appear ( hot chocolate, hot sauce, and a jet pack )
  4. After you get the items head to the pizza parlor and speak with the janitor ( floor cleaner ) then grab the bottle of hot sauce and chocolate sauce
  5. Go back and talk to him one more time and he will want you to take a pizza to a guy at the ski lodge.
  6. Take this pizza to the ski lodge and enter in the Ice fishing door and hand the pizza to the fisherman penguin
  7. Now head over to the coffee shop and speak with the guy at the counter and check out his monster drawing
  8. Then chat with him once more and ask for some hot chocolate, you’ll then have to fix the machine with your spanner ( fix the right side tube that does the milk )
  9. Then place your mug underneath the press for hot chocolate button and add the chocolate sauce in the insert chocolate part on top
  10. Use the switch on the side to increase the hottness and then click “press for hot chocolate”
  11. Add the mug to your items and then head to the gadget room ( take the AC1000 )
  12. Head to the Beacon and then to the launch pad and use the AC 1000 to blow the ballon to yourself and then cut off the fuel from the balloon using your scissors
  13. Take the fuel to the gadget room and go back to the fur machine you used at the beginning and put the hot chocolate and jet pack in.
  14. Now grab the glasses by the machine and head back out of the fishing door
  15. You’ll see a monster and then you need to head back to the ski lodge and grab the candle from the wall
  16. Next head off to the beach and grab the net thats next to the lighthouse, and head into the lighthouse grabbing the rope thats on the boat we used last time
  17. Add the rope to the net and now you have a new item to use against the monster, so head back towards the monster and put this item on the tree and add a candle on top of it all.
  18. This will catch a crab, then take this crab and also grab the white fur that fell off the monster and go back to the gadget room.
  19. When you get back chat with G and hand G the crab
  20. Then put the white fur into the machine and after its done checking it talk to G
  21. Now you’ll get your medal and you just beat mission 5

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