Club Penguin Mission 6 Walkthrough – Questions For A Crab

Today the new club penguin mission 6 is out, it’s called the questions for a crab! So here is a video tutorial that shows the cheats of the new mission, if you have any problems please comment and I will make the cheat much easier for you.

  1. Mission 6….Chat with G
  2. Crab gets lose, follow crab to ski hill and then off the ledge
  3. You’ll be in the wilderness now and keep tracking the crab into the cave
  4. Head to the tree stump and then go left to the large log
  5. Then use your spy phone’s scissors to slice the rope so you can grab the bag full of berries
  6. Now head to the tree stump and give a berry to the black puffle
  7. Head back towards the cave and toss a puffle 0 into the pet door
  8. The black puffle will unlcok the door and then you need to head in…yes you’ll end up trapped
  9. A polar bear will come in and you need to listen to him talk and as soon as he leaves head to the right until you get to a machine called the cage lift
  10. Place a berry onto the lever of one of the pipes.
  11. Now place another berry onto the left schute
  12. Finally place another berry onto the scales
  13. Now go left and grab the anchor and rope stuck to the planks on the wall, place these two items together and boom you got a new item
  14. Now walk left to the desk and place the hot sauce and blueprints into your items
  15. Walk to the door and open it, then put the hot sauce onto a berry and feed it to the black puffle.
  16. Now go to the cliff and use the item you made to climb up to the ski hill and then walk over to the ski lodge
  17. Next you should go into the ice fishing door and then into the pizza parlor where you need to order some seaweed pizza.
  18. Head back to the polar bear and give him this pizza and when he has his back to you, you need to pull the level on the machine
  19. He’ll be knocked away and G will appear and you can chat with him until your phonecall
  20. After the phonecall chat with G some more and hand him the blueprints
  21. And mission 6 is now complete

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